Control Games on Windows Using Your Android Phone With Monect

Few days back we shared an Android app using which you can convert your device to a joystick and control computer games. However, many users running 64-bit Windows machines were having problems due to unsigned drivers provided by the app. To make things right, today I am going to share an amazing app for Android called Monect Portable that will address this situation (and blow your mind too!).

The application not only connects flawlessly to a computer running Windows operating system, but you can also use Android accelerometer to control computer games’ in-game elements. Yes I am serious! You can control your car while racing just by tilting your phone left or right. The app also provides additional features like file explorer, touch pad control, PowerPoint presentation mode, etc. But for the post, we will be concentrating on just the joystick feature.

Installing and Using Monect Portable

Install Monect app on your Android smartphone from the Play Store and download the server to your computer. Monect server is a portable app and doesn’t install any driver on your computer, instead it runs as a service.

After you initialize it for the first time, it starts automatically every time the computer boots. The server app is not fully translated in English, but that’s not going to be a problem. The app connects through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and it automatically detects the server after being initialized and added to the Windows firewall whitelist.

Monect Server
Monect 6

Monect provides three types of different joysticks for different gaming needs. The first one is RaceMode that uses your phone’s G-Sensor to play racing games. If you are not comfortable using the G-Sensor, there’s an option to turn it off and use buttons to steer left and right.

The second one is a simple Joystick that can be used for arcade gaming, and last is FPS mode that gives dedicated keys to play first and third person shooting games. Both the Joystick mode and RaceMode controllers are good enough to play any racing and arcade games, but the controls on FPS mode need some additional buttons, like crouch and jump.

Monect 1
Monect 2
Monect 3

When you launch a game, don’t start the game straightaway. First go to the game control option and configure various control elements to Monect Hid Device. While configuring the controller for the racing game, turn off the G-Sensor and use the traditional buttons for simplicity. While playing the game you can turn on the sensor to use the accelerometer.

When you are done with gaming, don’t forget to check out other awesome features of the app using which you can control media playback and presentation on your computer. You can also use the app as a multi-touch touchpad for Windows.

Monect 4
Monect 5

Uninstalling Monect

The app on the phone can be uninstalled using Android app manager. As the desktop server doesn’t come with any uninstaller, you will have to uninstall it manually. Open the Windows Task Manager, look for the MonectServerService under Services tab and stop it. Now simply delete the folder where you extracted the server in the first place.

Stop Service

Manually ending the service is necessary to release the system lock. If you still can’t delete the folder, end the Monect process and try again.


Fantabulous, isn’t it? Each feature of the app is amazing and I am sure gamers out there are going to love it. Personally I would really love one addition in the app and that’s game vibration feedback. I really love how traditional controllers vibrate when I crash my car.

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