The Most Popular Facebook Party Games that Improve Your Post

Playing games in your Online Party is a fun and easy way to break the ice and establish visibility in your guests’ feeds.This increases the comments/participation on your posts and shows Facebook that people want to interact with you.Plus, more importantly, the more comments you have on your posts, the more people your posts will reach.

If you’ve never played Facebook Party Games before, check out this article to get started!We’ve asked our most successful users for their best Facebook Party Games, and the results rocked our feed!

Let’s jump in!

Here are the most popular Facebook Party games played by our successful users in their Online Parties:

Guessing games are by far the most versatile and easiest to incorporate into your Parties!There are endless possibilities to make these fit your Party style.Here are 13 types of Guessing Games you could play:

  • Guess how many can fit. Show a product with objects inside, or a basket with lots of products inside.
  • Guess what I use most. Show a few products you might use regularly, or what the host might use regularly.
  • Show products and guess different ways to use it, or what it’s used for
  • Show a close up of an image or product and have them guess what it is.
  • Describe your job in a mysterious way for them to guess what you do.
  • Guess this month’s paycheck, based on the number of Parties you hold and how long you’ve been working, etc. This is a popular one when talking about the business opportunity
  • Guess 5 best veggies to spiralize in kitchen tool. Think of ways to incorporate your own products!
  • Guess the movie, using a graphic of a collage of movie images and product images.
  • Guess where I am, using selfies taken in different places.
  • Guess the correct answer to a question related to your products, company, host, etc. You can use a Poll feature on FB, or create a graphic of images to choose from, or just see what they come up with!
  • Guess an item in the image that’s more than $10, then have them message you the answer.
  • Guess what’s in my (or host’s) bag/purse.
  • Guess what’s on the host’s wishlist, and show a graphic of your best sellers or package sets.

These are super fun and make great ice breakers!Partying from the other side of the screen naturally lacks the human connection. So finding ways to express your personality visually and auditorily, will give your Party a comfortable and relational feeling, even from across the Internet.Make sure you have your guests comment with a GIF that fits any question or topic.Here are some ideas:

  • Use a GIF to show the ugliest purse (or any item related to your Party topic)
  • What’s your dinner face
  • Show your game face
  • What’s your Party dance moves
  • How do you spend the weekend
  • How do you like to relax (or workout, or cook at home)
  • What you like about the host
  • Food you’ll never eat
  • Your face when your husband says, “Stop shopping so much!”
  • Choose an initial GIF for the post, then have guests each play off of the previous GIF in the comments.
  • Show your reaction to this image! Show An image that might be horrifying or exciting according to your party topic.
  • Counting game: Have guests comment with a number.You can start by commenting “1”, then see who is fast enough to comment with the next numbers in sequential order.They can’t comment twice in a row, but the first person to 100 (or any number you choose) wins!
  • Find the Word: Choose a word like ‘fresh’. Then during the Party every time it’s used in a post, guests can comment ‘fresh’ times how many times it was used in the post for raffle tickets, such as “Fresh 3!”
  • Choose Your Favorite: Create an image of an outfit, or meal, or a messy room, etc. Then create an image of products for guests to choose from as their favorite to use for the first image.
  • Finish the Sentence: Create a graphic with a sentence related to your Party topic, leaving out a word.Such as, “My Skincare routine is…” or “When I clean my house I feel…” or “My health is ____ to me.”, etc.Then have guests comment to complete the sentence using the middle auto text button on their phone. The most unexpected sentences will come out!
  • Build a Funny…: Start off a recipe or a story related to your Party topic and have guests comment with a sentence to keep the funny going!

We hope you enjoyed these ideas on how to use the most popular Facebook Party Games to improve your post reach.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of ways you can make your Online Parties more fun!Check out our popular article for more Facebook Games and ideas.Let us know which games are your favorites are!

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