Fire Emblem Three Hopes Advanced Seals – Walkthrough

Two of the class-changing mechanic in Fire Emblem Warrior’s Three Hopes are the Master Seals and the Advanced Seal. These are crucial if you want to make a character roster best suited to your play style and preferences. So, in this guide, we shall provide you with everything you need to know about the Advanced Seals in the game.

What Are Advanced Seals in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes?

Advanced Seals in Fire Emblem Three hopes are class-changing items that are used to switch (unlock) different classes for the characters in your roster. All characters come with a default class when they are recruited. However, according to the meta and even your playstyle, some characters excel at a specific class compared to others.

So, once you change a character’s class, you can get new abilities such as combat arts and magic for them. In other words, these seals upgrade your characters from Intermediate class to Advanced Class. The best class upgrade option may vary depending on the character you recruit and your playstyle.

Although this explanation seems quite elaborate, there is much more depth to the requirements, collections, and usage of advanced seals, which will be the subject of the next paragraphs.

Requirements To Get Advanced Seals

Starting with the requirements, we shall then go over the different sources where you can get advanced seals in the game.

Reach Chapter 7 In The Story Line

Before you even think about getting your hands on advanced seals, you must first get to chapter seven of the main storyline. It is really important because even if you have maxed out the intermediate class for all your characters, advanced seals will not be available unless you have progressed until the seventh chapter of the main storyline.

Once you have gone through the requirements, we can get to the different sources of Advanced Seals in the game.

How To Get Advanced Seals in Fire Emblem Three Hopes?

You can get advanced seals for your characters from four different sources in the game. These are as follows.

  • From the Item Shop Keeper.
  • From The S-Rank Rewards.
  • Achievement completion rewards.
  • Main storyline progression.

In the following paragraphs, we shall discuss the details of acquiring Advanced Seals from each source.

The Item Shopkeeper

You can buy Advanced Seals from the Item’s Shopkeeper for 2000 Gold.

Once you have reached chapter seven of the main storyline, advanced seals will automatically appear in the inventory of the item’s shopkeeper. Once the seals are available, you can buy them from the NPC. However, the shopkeeper does not restock the advanced seals until the start of the next chapter in the main storyline. This means that you will get a limited number of advanced seals from the shopkeeper in every chapter of the storyline.

S-Rank Rewards

You can also get advanced seals by completing the S-rank Criteria for missions. Although all missions do not provide Advanced seals as S-rank rewards, some of them do. You can check mission rewards by opening the War Map.

If you want to check the criteria for completing a mission at S-rank, you can do this by accessing the pre-battle menu screen or the menu screen during the battle. Moreover, it would be best if you kept in mind that you can only collect S-rank rewards once. So, given the rarity of the item, make sure you spend your advanced seals wisely.

Achievement Completion Rewards

Another way of receiving Advanced seals is to get them from the Rewards Master from completing achievements. However, before you decide on visiting the Rewards Master, it’s a good idea first to have a look at how many achievements you must complete and get the Advanced Seals.

Story Progressions (Survey Spots)

Often time you will notice Survey Spots on the map. These can provide you with Advanced Seals in exchange for gold. These deals are usually quite cheap and beneficial if you want some extra seals to level up some of your characters. Due to the rarity of Advanced Seals, it is a good idea to check the survey spots on the map since they reset and become unavailable when you progress to the next chapter of the storyline.

How To Use Advanced Seals in Fire Emblem Three Houses

As mentioned before, Advanced Seals allow you to upgrade your character to one of the classes in the Advanced Class. There are several Advanced Classes to choose from. All of them require you to have a character level of 20 which will require some XP farming. The character must also match the relevant proficiency of the said class. Here is a little overview of the different classes in Advanced Class and their requirements.

Advanced Class NameAdvancement RequirementsHeroMin Sword Skill Level: A

Min Axe Skill Level: B

SwordmasterMin Sword Skill Level: AAssassinMin Sword Skill Level: B

Min Bow Skill Level: C

Fortress KnightMin Sword Skill Level: B

Min Heavy Armor Skill Level: B

PaladinMin Lance Skill Level: B

Min Riding Skill Level: B

Wyvern RiderMin Axe Skill Level: B

Min Flying Skill Level: C

WarriorMin Axe Skill Level: ASniperMin Bow Skill Level: AGrapplerMin Brawl Skill Level: AWarlockMin Reason Skill Level: ABishopMin Faith Skill Level: A

To use your Advanced Seal, you must first go to the Training grounds and talk to the Training Instructor. There you can see an option for unlocking a new advanced class for your character.

In case you unlock multiple classes, you will not have to spend any extra seals if you want to switch between them. Thus, there is no cost for switching to a class you have already unlocked.

Taking The Class Certification Exam

Even when you have the Advanced Seals, you will not be able to use them right away. To use the seals, you must complete the Advanced Certification Exam. It will be available in the Expand Facility menu at the training instructor.

To purchase this upgrade, you will need 10 Quality Building Materials and 10 Veteran Training Gear. Once you have the upgrade, you will then be able to use the Advanced Seals.

Now that concludes our guide on Fire Emblem Three Hopes Advanced Seals. Did you find this guide helpful? Will you change the class for any of the characters in your roster? Let us know in the comments below.

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