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Despite its humble roots, Facebook has grown into a very promising business opportunity for content creators and bestselling products alike. With its in-built Friend Circle and association with other Meta platforms, Facebook is an invaluable tool for social networking. This means strategizing how to make money on Facebook is very common, regardless of your business type.

But, if you don’t have a marketing team or access to marketing insights, how do you get paid on Facebook? In this guide, you’ll find out how you can earn with this social media platform beyond the general answers of advertising revenue and product placements. You will also get a general sense of other important variables like how many followers to get paid on Facebook and how to become a Facebook affiliate marketer.

How Much Do Content Creators Get Paid?

According to Facebook, content creators earn revenues between $1,000 to $10,000 per month. While there are avenues like Facebook Reels, Facebook Live, fan subscriptions, and even paid online events, the standard route of long-form video content is the most sure-shot way to generate a monthly income from Facebook. If you’ve been producing content on a regular basis, earning in thousands is a fair possibility.

When it comes to content, it’s definitely a game of quality. Instead of making as many videos or posts as possible, your focus should be on creating high-quality content that your followers will fondly watch and share with friends. Warm audiences mean more views on videos, which means better chances of sourcing video ads. This is how most creators and influencers base their incomes.

How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Paid on Facebook?

Meta states that your Facebook page must have 10,000 followers to be monetized, which is when you can start putting Facebook ads on your videos. Technical requirements like eligibility are rarely an issue but gaining many followers can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting and don’t have a fan or customer base.

One way to do this is to share your page with your friends and then curate content that you and this target audience will like so that they in turn will share your posts. Once you’ve got a fair following built up, maintaining it with post engagements on a regular basis is also extremely important. Frequent engagement is a common requirement for growing a following throughout the entire industry.

How to Make Money on Facebook

There are several ways to earn money on Facebook, especially when you’re familiar with affiliate links, Facebook ads, and stream ads. As a Facebook user, you don’t need to be one of the most popular content creators in the online world to get noticed so you can earn some money. Below are some other ways you can work towards an operating income on Facebook.

1. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent feature of Facebook where different businesses and individual sellers come together to hawk either a digital product or a physical one. Skills like item flipping, especially when dealing with a physical product, can earn you quite a lot of money.

If you’re into rental spaces, the Facebook Marketplace is also a great platform to advertise your space for rent, whether that’s a room or a condominium. All you need is a picture of the item for sale, a product description, and a purchase price. Some people are even able to find regular clients.

2. Join Buy and Sell Groups

Another viable option to start earning on Facebook is to join buy and sell groups wherein you can create a post and have a larger reach. You can find the buy and sell groups in your area through either the Explore menu on Facebook or by directly searching for these groups and filtering out the ones that sound good to you.

Each Facebook group has its guidelines, so make sure to follow them before posting anything. If you don’t see a group for the product you want to sell, you can just create your own. Facebook is a cool platform because it has a wide enough user base that you can find a group in almost any area.

3. Make Facebook Ads

There are a lot of Facebook pages, and most of them are filled with Facebook Ads to help companies sell their products. Helping individuals and businesses create an ad-focused strategy to reach their target audience and business objectives is currently a very in-demand skill. If you’re creative and know how advertising on Facebook works, this can become a very successful side hustle.

4. Include Ads in Your Videos

“In-stream” video ads help active users earn money by including short ads, before, during, or after videos. You have the option to let Facebook identify the breaks where they’ll play the ads, or you can place it yourself.

The earnings depend on the video views and the advertisers, so developing a strong viewing community and good brand relations is crucial. Revenue from ads is also particularly high if you tend to post longer videos. However, it is essential to note that there are certain eligibility requirements for ads you need to meet to be qualified.

5. Become a Social Media Manager

Managing social media for companies includes creating social media posts, scheduling, responding to comments, creating social media graphics, and building the audience size. Familiarity with the algorithm is important but Facebook provides multiple content tools like Creator Studio, a dashboard for social media marketers and content creators.

These tools help social media managers schedule posts and make sure that the company’s Facebook page publishes posts on a regular basis. If you are interested but unsure of how to become a Facebook affiliate marketer, attending social media marketing bootcamps is a great way to get started on this career path.

6. Use Facebook Live and Earn through Stars

Active users can do a Facebook Live and earn during the live video via Stars. As you stream, viewers can buy Stars and send them to you in the comment section to support you and make their comments stand out. According to Meta, you are paid one cent for every Star you receive, which gives your fans, clients, and followers a new way to directly support your work.

7. Earn Referral Bonuses

There may be products and online services that you deeply relate to and can’t help but share with others. If you have any such relevant products, you can take advantage of your online presence and earn by sharing them on social media platforms such as Facebook. The actual earning happens when these companies make online sales through the referral links you post.

8. Start Facebook Reels

Facebook has recently launched Facebook Reels, creating more opportunities for creators to earn. Reels opens doors for creators to be discovered as they share interesting content with a potential audience. Those who qualify with their Reels Play Bonus Program can get a monthly income of up to $35,000 based on the views of their qualifying reels.

9. Promote your Product on Your Personal Profile

Aside from using the Facebook marketplace to sell products, use your own profile to advertise your product. If you already have many friends, use that to your advantage by posting an image and sharing information about the product you want to sell. You never know, a friend of yours might be trying to find the exact same product you’re selling.

10. Create Branded Content

Another way to earn on Facebook is to partner with brands that your audience likes. If you have a large following on Facebook, you can use that to spread the word about a product or service and earn affiliate commissions.

Since your audience trusts you, they’re more likely to buy or get the service you endorse. You can take courses to learn marketing strategy and discover ways to advertise brands with your Facebook posts organically.

How Do You Get Paid on Facebook?

From affiliate marketing to creating Facebook ads to doing Facebook Live, there are several ways of creating different opportunities to earn using this platform just by being an active user. Among these, revenue from ads, subscription fees, and product promotion are the most popular. The good news is that anyone who has a Facebook account has the potential to earn as long as they are eligible and qualified.

How to Make Extra Money on Facebook

  • Invest in Facebook: This one might not have an immediate outcome, but Facebook belongs to a well-established corporation. Meta is an industry leader. Its revenue is majorly unaffected in the face of most economic events, which makes it a great company to invest in. In 2021, the Meta platforms made a revenue of $117 billion, according to Statista.
  • Join contests: There are a lot of contests you can find on Facebook that give out free products or vouchers to the winners. Join as many as you can to increase the chances of winning. From there, you can even sell whatever products you’ve won.
  • Crowdfunding: The goal of crowdfunding might not be for your own personal gain, but it can help you raise money for a very good cause.
  • Live selling: This works similar to a garage sale, except it’s digital. Going live while selling might be uncomfortable for some, especially if you don’t know how many people will show up. But that aside, live selling is an invaluable tool when it comes to targeting a widespread market and can help you earn more commissions or sell more products.
  • Drive traffic towards your website: If your business has a website and you publish a blog post regularly, share that on Facebook so that people can go to your website often. This is an effective means to earn extra as people that see your products and services frequently are more likely to become online sales for your business.

How to Make Money Fast on Facebook

There’s no shortcut to making money quickly on Facebook. You need to follow specific requirements, and you have to check if you are already eligible for monetization. The fastest way you can make money on Facebook is by monetizing your videos, as all the other opportunities build atop your online presence. According to Facebook, you can put in-stream ads using a page and not a profile. You must also meet the Parter Monetisation Policies.

How to Make Extra Money From Home

You can make extra money from home by becoming a freelancer. You can either find work and job opportunities within your own network or search the best websites for remote freelance jobs like Upwork and Fiverr.

Some skills that are consistently in demand include graphic design, illustration, content writing, and web development. This can become a solid flow of side income as freelancers can earn up to $67,169 a year, according to ZipRecruiter.

Is Facebook a Good Way to Make Extra Money?

Yes, Facebook is an excellent way to make extra money because it has a lot of monetization tools, and you can make money through the comforts of your home. Some easy ways to do this through Facebook are by selling on Facebook Marketplace, doing affiliate marketing, and partnering with brands.

If you have a full-time job and you have a lot of followers on your Facebook page, you can work towards developing a personal brand. You can produce content that your audience will like. From that, you’ll be able to gain sponsors and even monetize the videos that you publish. You can also utilize this to earn product placements since your audience will come to trust you through your work.

How to Make Money on Facebook FAQ

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