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If you’re preparing a baby shower, you’re probably wondering about the perfect number of baby shower games. Too many games might prevent your guests from socializing with you and each other, and too few games might result in some awkward silence moments.

But don’t worry; in this article, we’ll tell you how many games you need to include and even suggest a few for you to choose from, so keep reading.

Short Answer

The perfect number of baby shower games to keep your guests entertained and still have enough time to socialize is around 3 or 4 games. But, of course, that depends on the length of each game, so you can go for 5 short games or 2 longer ones; it’s completely up to you.

And if you’re looking for some baby shower game ideas, you’re in luck! We’ve listed some of the best game ideas and where you can find them, so stick around.

The Perfect Number of Baby Shower Games

Here are extensive answers to some questions that might cross your mind when preparing for a baby shower.

What Games Are Played at Baby Showers?

If you want some baby shower game ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are some fun ideas that can get your guests familiar with each other and quickly break the ice.

1. Guess the Baby

As the name implies, you can get your guests to bring baby photos of themselves and try to guess which baby photo belongs to whom. That way, if your guests aren’t familiar with each other, they can socialize more and find something to talk about.

Add a point system and keep track of whoever gets the most correct guesses for a prize at the end! All you need for such a game is some pens and paper sheets for each guest to write down their guess.

On top of that, you can get each guest to tell the story of their baby photo or any baby story they know and give out a prize for the best story!

2. Human Bingo

Another game that’s a perfect ice-breaker is human bingo! All you need to do is create a bingo table with fun facts about each guest before the baby shower.

Then, when everyone arrives, you ask them to talk to each other and find which fact belongs to which person, and like in classic bingo, whoever completes a row or a column first wins!

3. Identify the Baby Item

Get a plastic bag and fill it with baby-themed items, like diapers, rattles, baby bottles, and so on. Then, blindfold each guest and make them stick their hands in the bag for a limited duration of time (say, 1 minute).

After that, hand each guest a pen and a sheet of paper and make them write down as many items as they can identify. The person with the most correct items on their list wins a prize!

4. Guess the Baby Food

Get unlabeled jars or plates filled with some baby food. Blindfold each guest in turns, feed them a spoonful of each jar/plate, and have them guess what the baby food they’re trying is.

Of course, make sure you keep track of each plate by numbering them and writing down the correct answers on a sheet of paper beforehand.

After everyone has a taste, make them write down their guesses and keep track of how many points each guest gets.

5. Drink Up

This is probably the funniest game on this list. You’ll need some baby bottles (preferably a bottle per guest) and fill each bottle with some sort of beverage, like soda, chocolate milk, or lemon juice. Just make sure your pick is something nobody is allergic to.

After that, have a drinking contest where each guest must drink the beverage from the baby bottle as fast as they can. Again, the winner could get a prize, but the laughs you’ll get from this game are unmatched.

Do Moms Play Baby Shower Games?

Yes! Any guest you invite over for your baby shower can participate and enjoy baby shower games alike. Moms, especially, might find the games wholesome and nostalgic because it’ll remind them of their own baby shower.

And as the future mom, make sure to participate as well; it’ll leave you with some precious memories. Of course, anyone can play baby shower games, but we think moms are actually the ones who have the most fun!

Where to Buy Baby Shower Games?

If you’re shopping for baby shower games, we know just where you need to look. You can start at Etsy if you love cute handmade games that are unique and creative.

Additionally, you should always take a look on Amazon or Target for a more expansive selection; they both offer hundreds upon hundreds of games for you to choose from.

Lastly, our personal favorite is PartyCity; it offers some of the best baby shower games and prizes at very reasonable prices (rhyme intended!).

How Many Baby Shower Prizes Should I Have?

The number of prizes depends heavily on your budget and the number of guests you’ll be having over. However, try to have a minimum of 2 prizes per game so that you can spark some competition and everyone can have some fun.

If possible, try to get enough gifts to cover all the guests, so nobody leaves empty-handed. You can even give prizes for the best-dressed person, the best joke of the day, the most social guest, and so on to make sure that everybody gets a gift by the end of the day.

Summary and Recap

To sum up, we believe having 3 or 4 baby shower games is the perfect number to keep your guests entertained while still allowing them a chance to socialize.

You can also increase that number to 5 short games or decrease it to 2 long ones, depending on the amount of time you have and how well your guests know each other.

We hope we were able to answer all your baby shower-related questions. Have a wonderful baby shower!

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