How To See Your Most Played Games On Steam

Steam is an amazing platform for PC gamers as it not only organizes the games you own, but also gives you various data like hours played and much more.

But if you have a huge Steam library (mine has over 500 titles, for example), it’s difficult to go through all the games you own and see which are the ones you’ve played the most. And sometimes that’s exactly what you want to do.

You might be one of those players that have an issue finding how to see your most played game on steam and think you will never find this number out. You are in luck for it is in this guide that I will show you how you can do it.

Play Time Count Number

It is very easy to begin playing a game and losing yourself inside of it for countless of hours. Every once in a while, you will ask yourself the question of how much time did you actually spend playing this said game?

You can check out and see your top most played games on Steam in the platform itself.

It is quite simple really. Steam tracks all your moments spent inside any of the games you might have played.

First of all, open up your Steam Application. Then while inside Steam you will want to click on the Library button. This is a tab that will keep a track of every game that you have owned or own at the moment. It will be on the very top left corner of your screen.

Once you click it, you will get a list of the games on the left, and a particular type of game on the right. You can cycle through the games now one by one and actually see how many hours you have spent in them individually.

It will be right under the Time Played section. You can also open a game and inside the game’s menu see the same Time Played on top of it.

Now you can go over all of the games and manually count up all the numbers of the total hours you might have played and come to a conclusion of what is your most played game.

This way, you can find out that you’ve played relaxing games a lot more than old school ones, although most likely you have way too many hours in Battle Royale titles…

Of course, most of us are lazy – or we have huge archives of games, so you might want to automate the process a little bit. Read on to see how to do it!

Finding your most played games on Steam

So you will open the Steam Main Menu again. You can be on the Store Page, or on the Library Page – it won’t matter at all. What you’re looking for is the following:

Under the name tag of your account (as shown above Accadacca, which is mine) tab on the top, right next to the Community, you will need to hover over with your mouse.

Then while hovering you will get a little window that’s going to open at the bottom. In this little window, you can select the Activity option.

A new screen will appear. Here you will see all of the stats for the people on your friend’s list. You will be looking for the Games Section that is right under your picture and name. Press on the Games one as shown in the picture above, then click the “All Games” tab.

This is the screen you will get to right now. Press on the Playtime one at the top when Sorting them out. When sorted accordingly, you will get them lined up just the way you want.

Now you will see your most played games on steam. Steam will have done the calculation for you and your problems will have disappeared!

Never ever will you have to wonder which is your most played game, and how many hours did you actually spend on it.

Websites That Will Help

If you are ever on the move and sometimes you won’t be able to maybe access your Steam account from your computer, well have no fear!

There are ways in which you can find out your most played game by using the internet.

The best websites for finding out your most played games on Steam are:

  • SteamDB– this is a website that will do way more than just counting your hours in-game. It will give you details of everything that you’ve done before with your account.
  • SteamGouge– it offers way more than just the time and even has very unique details about the games of your choice and helps you out if you need to choose new ones.
  • SteamTime– is specifically made for saying how many hours you’ve played.

You will go on each of these individual pages and Sign In with your Steam account. Then once logged in their specifications are made for counting up all the countless numbers that you have spent in playing your favorite games.


The main conclusion of you learning how many hours you’ve spent on games is that there is no such thing as too many hours!

We sincerely hope that this guide was of some help and can’t help but wonder – what is the highest amount of time spent playing a PC game on Steam and what game is that? Let us know by commenting down below!

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