How to Connect PSP to Computer via USB – Notes Read

It is quite easy to quickly update your collection of games, video or audio content on your PSP: using a USB cable or via a flash card. The methods are simple, but it is worth dealing with each separately to avoid connection problems. How to properly connect your PSP to your computer via a flash card or USB port is described below.

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What is PSP?

The device is a mini-version of the well-known “playstation” (for example, PlayStation 4 Pro 1Tb ), only in portable form. The device has an LCD screen and a powerful chipset to cope with any multimedia tasks. An analog joystick and buttons on the body are provided to control the device.

PSP is used so that you can on the road or at home:

  • play your favorite toys (alone or online);
  • listen to music or watch a movie;
  • read a book;
  • flip through the FB feed or google something.

The capabilities of the portable set-top box depend on the device model.

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Why connect PSP to PC?

So it’s really possible to get the opportunity:

  • transfer video, music, movies, pictures and other content from PC to console;
  • charge your PSP from your computer.

It will also help in the question of how to display the image from the PSP on the computer screen. But there is a nuance here: you also need to install plugins, for example, RemoteJoyLite.

In this case, you do not need to load third-party programs. Everything you need to do to connect these two devices is described below.

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How to connect PSP to computer

There are two ways here: using a USB cable or through a flash card. How to do it in practice? Step by step instructions are below.

USB connection

To do this, you need the cable that comes with the portable set-top box (mini USB).

Next – step by step how to connect your PSP to a laptop or PC:

  1. Switch on both devices.
  2. One end of the cord USB to connect to the computer, the second – to the game console (corresponding slot in the PSP is usually located at the top of the device).
  3. Go to the set-top box menu, go to “Settings” – “USB Connection”.
  4. Confirm your choice by clicking on the “X” button on the body of the device.
  5. An icon appears on the computer (at the bottom of the taskbar), indicating that new hardware has been detected.

If everything went well, then in the “My Computer” section of the PC, the PSP will be reflected as an ordinary flash drive, to which and from which you can transfer the necessary files.

Connecting via memory card

The process is not very different from using a USB stick . The main problem is the lack of a suitable connector. For example, laptops have slots for SD or microSD cards, but this is rarely seen on PCs. Therefore, here you need an additional device – a card reader .

What do we have to do:

  1. Remove the flash card from the PSP (as standard, the connector is located in the lower left corner of the device).
  2. Insert it into a memory card reader.
  3. Connect the device to a PC using the USB connector.
  4. Go to PC in the “Start” – “Computer” – “Removable Device” menu.

All that remains is to click on the discovered device, open it and transfer games, movies or audio content to a flash card. Everything! All that remains is to insert it back into the PSP.

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What to do if the computer does not see the PSP

In this situation, the following will help:

  1. Checking the functionality of the USB port. You need to find out if other gadgets work when connected to a PC through this connector.
  2. Inspect the cable itself for damage. The cord may be damaged, so file transfer will not take place. If the integrity of the wire sheath is broken, it is better to use another. Also, a non-original cable may interfere with the connection between the PC and PSP.
  3. Reinstall drivers. This is the last measure that you can do yourself, without contacting the master.

How the drivers are reinstalled:

Step # 1 Go to the “Start” menu on your computer. Step # 2 Select “Computer”, right-click, in the menu that appears, go to the “Properties” section. Step # 3 Go to “Device Manager” – “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”. Step # 4 Remove all generic host controllers. Step # 5 Search for new equipment. Step 6 Wait until the drivers are updated and try connecting the PSP and computer again.

Last tip: PSP should be connected to the ports that are located on the back of the PC system unit (for example, 10TV004BRU ) or to the ports on the motherboard.

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Which way to choose in the end? Both methods are working. But to connect the PC and PSP via a flash card, you will also need an adapter device (if the PC is not equipped with a suitable slot for SD cards). When connected via USB, you can not only transfer the necessary information to the console, but also decide how to play PSP on a computer (although you will also need to install a special plug-in here).

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