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Stardew Valley Prismatic Shards are one of the rarest items in Stardew Valley. It’s shiny, multicoloured appearance makes it hard to miss, but actually finding one is a different story altogether. You might be a lucky Stardew Valley player that just stumbled across one in your first year or you might be heading into your third year without a Shard in sight. It’s a very important item with lots of great uses in Stardew Valley though, so we suggest reading the article below for the top tips on how to get your hands on this super rare mineral and what to do with it once you’ve acquired it.

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But when it comes to finding a Stardew ValleyPrismatic Shard things can get challenging. While some people get one in their first year (in-game) without even trying, others are in their fourth or fifth year without one in sight. Below we will outline everywhere you can find a Prismatic Shard and the best ways to improve your chances of nabbing the elusive rock.

For all of these, we suggest you check the Fortune Teller on TV to see how your luck will be for the next day. If the spirits are displeased, try doing something else for that day and returning to the quest when your luck is better. We also recommend making and chowing down on some food with a luck buff before heading into the mines or Skull Caverns. Fried Eel, Lucky Lunch and Pumpkin Soup will all add that little extra edge. And no, we’re not including the Statue of True Perfection here as a source of Prismatic Shards as while it does produce one a day, you’ll already have found one by the time you earn it.

Where to find a Prismatic Shard in Stardew Valley

1. Mine Mystic Stones for Prismatic Shards

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Mystic Stones give you a brilliant chance of finding a Stardew Valley Prismatic Shard. These are large grey blue rocks with a distinct swirl pattern and there’s a 25% chance of discovering a Prismatic Shard inside after a few swings of your pickaxe. The only problem is that Mystic Stones are few and far between. Thankfully though, there are a few places to check on a day to day basis when you’re on the hunt.

A great place to start is the Quarry. Once you’ve fixed the wooden bridge early in the game, keep heading up and clearing out the regular rocks and trees. More rocks and ore will always appear and this is a perfect speedy addition to your daily chores to make sure you don’t have to risk life and pixelated limb for the precious mineral. And, even if you don’t find a Prismatic Shard, this is a perfect way to stock up on base ore.

A considerably riskier place to check for Mystic Stones is the mines. They only appear after level 100 of the regular mines so you’ll want to wait until you’ve unlocked that far and then head down in the elevator. It’s also possible to find Mystic Stones in the significantly trickier Skull Caverns and in the Volcano Dungeon of Ginger Island. There’s also a chance of grabbing one in the Treasure Rooms of the Skull Caverns so if you don’t feel strong enough, you could always head in there equipped with a stack of staircases until you find a room with some loot.

The only ironic thing here is that both dungeons are a lot simpler with the Galaxy Sword which you’ll only get once you have a Prismatic Shard. Thanks, Concerned Ape… If you are intent on going into the mines, suit up with your best gear and take plenty of health rich food.

2. Get Prismatic Shards inside Iridium Nodes and Omni Geodes

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The odds aren’t great for finding a Prismatic Shard inside Iridium Nodes and Omni Geodes but it is possible. According to the Stardew Wiki, you have a lofty 4% chance of finding one in an Iridium Node. You can’t miss these purple and blue rocks and you’re most likely to find them lurking in the Skull Cavern and the Volcano Dungeon. Again though, it is possible to find them in The Quarry so make sure that’s part of your daily chores.

Omni Geodes have even less chance of dropping a Prismatic Shard but the 0.04% odds means it’s not impossible. Omni Geodes are grey clusters of rock flecked with rainbow colours that have to be taken to the Blacksmith to be smashed open at his anvil. These aren’t to be confused with the egglike regular geodes which won’t yield a Prismatic Shard regardless of how lucky you are. You can find Omni Geodes from rocks in lower levels of the regular mines, from the Skull Caverns, and as drops from some enemies.

If you don’t want to go mining for Omni Geodes, you can buy three from the Oasis on a Wednesday, one from Krobus on a Tuesday, win them from the crane game in the Movie Theatre, or trade items with the Desert Trader in the Desert. The easiest way to grab one is go on a Monday with some hay for three Omni Geodes Just make sure you’ve got as much luck as possible before taking them to the Blacksmith.

3. Fishing for Stardew Valley Prismatic Shards

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It’s another low level chance but it is possible to find Prismatic Shards in treasure chests in Stardew Valley while fishing. To maximize your chance of nabbing treasure chests, you want to buy the Magnet bait from Willy’s fishing hut and combo it up with the Treasure Hunter tackle. The Magnet bait will unlock once you are level 9 and this combination guarantees significantly more treasure chests without having to worry about losing the fish while you grab the chest. Remember though, in order to equip tackle, you’ll need an Iridium rod so that’s your first goal if you haven’t got one already.

Again, any way that you can increase your luck for this will improve your chances so fish on a day where the TV tells you that the spirits aren’t displeased with you. It will also help to eat some lucky food before you cast your line. This is also the best way to nab yourself a dinosaur egg for your own version of Jurassic Park in one of your coops and the chance to make Dinosaur Mayonnaise. This mayo is an essential part of the Mystery bundle to unlock the Movie Theatre if you don’t have a spare Prismatic Shard.

4. Monsters can drop Stardew Valley Prismatic Shards

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If you’re happy to head into the mines and fight for your chance at a Prismatic Shard, some monsters can drop one once you have sent them shuffling off the mortal coil. Serpents and Mummies have a 0.1% chance, while Shadow Brutes and Shadow Shaman have a 0.05% chance of giving you what you want. There’s actually a chance of all monsters dropping one once you have reached level 120 of the Mines but it’s so slim that we’d suggest one of the other options here.

5. Fish ponds have an infinitesimal drop rate for Prismatic Shards

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And finally, another possibility but perhaps one to just keep in mind and check rather than bank on. If you have a fish pond with more than 9 Rainbow Trout inside, there’s a 0.09% chance of you ending up with a Prismatic Shard instead of roe in your bucket. While that chance is there, we’ll be honest and say we haven’t seen one in more than 4 seasons of keeping fish but you might be the lucky one…

6. Where to use a Prismatic Shard and what to do with it

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So what do you do with a Stardew Valley Prismatic Shard once you have one? First off, the most important use is to craft a Galaxy Sword. Once you’ve got your Prismatic Shard, take it to the Calico Desert and hold it aloft between the three columns north of the bus stop. It will be switched out for a Galaxy Sword and also unlock The Galaxy Hammer and Galaxy Dagger at the Adventurer’s Guild for purchase. These make heading into the various dungeons significantly easier.

After your first Prismatic Shard, you’ll want to donate the next one to the Museum or keep it on hand to unlock the Movie Theatre in the Mystery Bundle. It’s worth saying though that it is possible to complete the Mystery Bundle without spending your precious shard so try and get Dinosaur Mayonnaise as a replacement.

A Prismatic Shard also comes in useful at the Witches Hut if you’re fed up of having children and want to turn them into doves at the Shrine of Selfishness. We’re not judging… You can also trade three of them to the Desert Trader for some Magic Rock Candy and, if you pop one in a Junimo Hut, your fruit and veg collecting Junimos will cycle through the colors of the rainbow.

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