6 Best At-Home Testosterone Test Kits in 2023 – Healthline

Many products are available for testing your hormone levels at home before seeing your doctor. All of these examine either your saliva, urine, or blood. How you collect your sample and how many samples you take may vary depending on the product.

All home test kits require you to mail your collections to a certified lab for testing. You may get the results within a few days or a few weeks.

Best overall at-home testosterone kit: LetsGetChecked

Price: $69-$199

LetsGetChecked offers testosterone testing kits that use a finger prick to measure testosterone levels in the blood. After you collect your sample, you send it to the lab on the same day you collect it using prepaid shipping supplies.

Within 2 to 5 days, your results will be available to you online. If you have questions, there’s a team of nurses available 24/7 to help explain your results.

LetsGetChecked offers four at-home tests that include testosterone testing:

  • Testosterone Test ($69): only testosterone testing
  • Male Hormone Test ($139): testosterone testing, sex hormone binding globulin, and free androgen index
  • Male Hormone Advanced ($179): contains all from Male Hormone Test kit, plus Prolactin and Estradiol results
  • Male Hormone Complete ($199): contains all from Male Hormone Advanced kit, plus Cortisol results

Best medical support testosterone kit: Everlywell

Price: $49

Everlywell’s at-home testosterone kit tests your saliva to see if you’re producing the average amount of testosterone for your age. After you collect your saliva sample, you mail it off to the Everlywell labs in prepaid shipping, and within days you’ll receive online results that indicate whether your testosterone levels are normal, low, or high.

In addition to their testosterone kit, Everlywell has a more extensive Men’s Health kit at a higher price point.

Use code “HEALTHLINE25” for 25% off.

Best for testing blood and saliva: myLAB Box

Price: $259

myLAB Box offers an at-home men’s health test that measures testosterone levels, as well as cortisol, estradiol, and DHEA. Like other tests in this list, you collect your samples — both saliva and a finger prick — and send them off to their labs. The company claims the finger prick is 100% pain-free, and results should arrive online within 5 days of sending results to the lab.

Most affordable at-home testosterone kit: Verisana

Price: $49.95-$219.95

If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, potency issues, weight gain, increased body fat, or fatigue, Verisana’s testosterone testing kit might be for you. Verisana uses saliva to test testosterone levels. Once you collect your sample and mail it to the lab, Verisana will send you a detailed report with your results.

Verisana offers a few tests that measure testosterone, including:

  • Testosterone Saliva Check ($49.95)
  • Male Hormone Health Check ($149.95)
  • Weight Hormone Check ($149.95)
  • Comprehensive Hormone Check ($219.95)

Most comprehensive at-home test: Roman

Price: $69

The Roman testosterone testing kit is provided through Ro, a telemedicine men’s health company. It may be a good choice for someone who is intimidated by or unfamiliar with taking their own blood samples.

Step-by-step video guidance is available to help you through the sample collection process, and you can connect with live agents if you need additional assistance. When your results have been analyzed, you’ll receive an emailed PDF report — usually within about four business days.

Most personalized results: Cerascreen

Price: $59

Cerascreen offers quick and easy testing by using saliva to measure testosterone levels. Once you take your saliva sample, you set up an online account with Cerascreen and answer a questionnaire that will help give you personalized recommendations with your results. Results take 3 to 5 days to return to you via an online portal.

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