How To Get an Aquarius Man Back: What No One Tells You

The Aquarius man dreams of freedom and of doing what his heart desires. This may be the main reason why you no longer happen to be with him anyway, but it can vary from one relationship to another.

Since this is what he does most of the time, it can be difficult to convince him to get back together with you and give up his freedom, so you’re going to struggle making things the way they used to be.

When trying to get the Aquarius man back, make sure you’re not showing him things are going to be just as they were as soon as you two will get together again. He would get scared your new relationship will lead to a breakup again and neither of you would want this.

Let him go so he comes back

The best way to win the Aquarius man back is to be cool about the breakup and to just let him go.

The more you’ll hold on to what you two used to have, the more he’ll try to distance himself from you, not to mention how much he hates drama, arguments and being stabbed in his back.

If you keep avoiding all this, he’ll most likely come back to you sooner than later, or perhaps he may suggest a close friendship between you two.

Since his sign is making him more prone to sudden changes, he may come back to you with an offer of love when you least expect it. It’s not difficult to restore a relationship after breaking up with the Aquarius man if you know what you’re doing.

Therefore, if you want your man back, just do some changes about yourself and your image, but make sure he notices. You should become as close to his ideal as possible and make this thing about you noticeable.

What you should remember when trying to get your Aquarius man back is to never talk to him about your future together.

Just don’t mention anything about dinner with your family or marriage because he simply hates making plans and thinking ahead.

It’s very difficult for this man to commit, so don’t try to impose your relationship on him, even if he’s a part of it as well. It’s hard to deal with a breakup, no matter how well you and your partner used to get along.

When it comes to the Aquarius man in this situation, you really need rough skin. He would never accept to forgive his lady for betrayal, so you should avoid doing something nasty to him at any cost.

It won’t be impossible for you to get back together with him, but you’ll have to be open, honest and ready to spice up your love life. He wants his partner to surprise him every single day.

Are you giving him enough space?

Eccentric and most of the time a rebellious lover, the Aquarius man will never accept for someone to pressure him into committing to a relationship. He won’t settle down until completely ready to do it.

He can be a little bit rigid, so if he has decided nothing serious will come out of your relationship with him, no one will convince him of the opposite.

It’s important to always respect what he needs and to allow him to become serious from casual at his own pace.

Just respect what he desires from a romantic point of view and you won’t be disappointed. You’d probably want to be treated the same, so allow him to have the same demands from you.

Show how socially charming you can be

If you want the Aquarius man to be yours forever and for things between you two to work out again, just be as sociable as possible. He loves making new friends and going to parties.

It’s very likely he’ll want to go out every weekend and visit every bar in town. This man gives a lot of importance to friendship, so he can fall in love with one of his best friends.

Therefore, if you want to be one of those people, get ready to be taken out of the friend zone at some point. Appreciate having many friends as much as he does and don’t hesitate to mingle at parties. He’ll simply admire the lady who gets along well with everyone.

He treasures honesty

Not known for telling lies or for being dishonest, the Aquarius man expects his partner to be the same. His intuition is very strong, so he can immediately guess if you’re lying to him.

Because he wants very much to be around others and to socialize, his emotional intelligence is very much above others’. It’s easy for him to read people and to see their true intentions, especially those of someone he’s already been in a relationship with.

Reassure him of your best intentions

While Aquarius men are known for flirting around, they can also be jealous and very reserved. Of course, they won’t act on their jealousy, but they surely don’t like having their relationship threatened by another person.

In case you have broken up with an Aquarius man and you’re still hoping for reconciliation, just don’t date other people in order to make him jealous.

He needs to be sure he’s the one you want the most. Talk about your love for him and do something about it as well because he may return to you sooner than later.

Communicate with him

Being very intelligent and highly opinionated, the Aquarius man loves exchanging ideas about different subjects of conversation.

His mind is fast and logical, so he may address many topics, from humanitarian causes to the latest discoveries in technology. He’s always interested in expressing his opinions, so you’ll need to listen to him when he’s talking.

Never domineering or loud, he’s in fact analytical and very objective. Many of his friends want him around for debates because he can see issues from many different perspectives.

Give him enough variety

In case you want to make the Aquarius man pay attention again to you, do something about reinventing yourself. He’s a slave to variety when it comes to love. If noticing something different about you, he’ll want to know more, so your chances of getting back together with him will increase.

You could do something about the way you look, take interest in a new hobby and become more fascinating. By adding some fire to the way you look and behave, you may just catch him like a fish in the net.

As soon as he has started to be attracted to you once more, reassure him you’re ready to do anything for your relationship to be fixed.

Don’t expect too much attention from him

The man born in Aquarius is not famous for his passion and emotions. As a matter of fact, most of his exes are complaining he wasn’t intimate enough when together with them.

While sociable and very open to make new friends, he can really put up some walls around himself and not allow anyone to come into his world, no matter if it’s about a partner or a friend.

It can be frustrating to be with such a detached and unemotional man, and if you happen to be his partner, just understand this is his nature.

He surely feels in love with you, even if he’s not saying it out loud. In case you have no idea where you’re standing when it comes to him, don’t hesitate to just ask because he’s very sincere with his lovers. However, don’t act desperate for his love as he wants his freedom very badly and hates being forced into commitment.

Accept living by his own rules

Since the Aquarius man lives by his own rules, he can sometimes have opinions that seem fanatical to many of his friends. This man has high ideals and thinks of great ideas, so his dreams are sometimes bigger than life itself.

His sense of justice is very developed and he’s sometimes imagining a perfect world. He may show all of these traits of his by saying something that can bother you, especially when the moment is not right at all.

You should avoid telling him what to do at any cost. He’s a rebel and a highly opinionated person and no one can change this about him.

This man doesn’t mind when someone is not agreeing with him, so you can express yourself freely in his presence. He’ll probably become grumpy when contradicted, but that wouldn’t be a big issue. Don’t try to change him as you wouldn’t be at all happy if someone would do this to you either.

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