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Do you often think about what dimples are and how they are caused? Ever wonder why some people have dimples and others don’t have them? All the Hollywood actors when they show their million-dollar smiles take our attention to the dimples on their cheeks.

Don’t deny it, I know you must also have googled how to get dimples once in your life. Dimples are small folds in the fleshy part of the cheek. It is basically a deformity of the cheek muscles. Dimples are caused by the deformity that causes the skin of cheek muscles to draw tightly as it moves, resulting in indentation.

Although a dimple is something that comes genetically, there are other ways that can help you get a dimple without surgery. There are some ways that can help you mimic the appearance of a dimple.

How to Get Dimples Permanently

There are three ways that can help you get this adorable feature and answer your query about how to get dimples. Let’s all dig in.

  • Dimple Exercises
  • Makeup
  • Piercing

1. Dimple Exercises

Now, dimple exercise can be a task and needs to be done properly by following the exact steps.

Pucker Lips, Cheeks in

It is best to start with a simple form of facial exercise to get your brand-new pair of dimples. Now, to perform this exercise, pucker your lips and suck your cheeks in. Make your face like you just ate a lemon or something extremely sour.

Your lips must be slightly pucker or in an out form and your cheeks must be partially sucked in. When it comes to teeth, do not clench them together as this can prevent you from sucking the cheeks properly. But your lips need to be closed if you want a proper solution to how to get dimples.

If you feel difficulty in copying the exact facial expression then take help from consuming something sour. Your cheeks should naturally indent inward with the deepest part of the indentation resting in between your bottom and top teeth.

Note: This dimple exercise is not scientifically proven to be workable and doesn’t work for everyone.

Hold Indentations and Press Them

Locate the areas where the indentations are the sharpest. Now, gently hold this spot down on both cheeks using index fingers on each side. Keep your fingers fixed on these spots as you prepare to move your mouth.

You can also use pencils or thumbs in place of your fingers if you find it easier.

Smile and Reposition the Fingers

To know how to get dimples permanently, the next step is to try and widen your smile keeping your fingers fixed on the same spots on your face. The smile must be open-mouthed and wide. This is because dimples always appear when you are smiling with your mouth wide open.

At this point take your fingers to the corners of your smile where dimples naturally occur if you have them,

Keep a look at what you are doing by looking at a mirror, If you see that your fingertips are a little off, you may need to slightly slide your fingertips across the cheeks to the proper location.

Dr. Zargham Ayubwho works at JA Aesthetics ( dental, skin, and hair clinic) says, “press the area where you desire to get a dimple on the cheek or use a pencil if that is easier for you”.

If you want the dimples to be temporary, then you can release the pencils or the fingers immediately.

Keep Pressing for 30 minutes

In order to train your cheeks, and get more lasting dimples, you need to keep doing this exercise and hold more firmly on the indentations. Hold the area for almost 30 minutes. The longer you hold, the longer the dimples are going to stay.

Continue these exercises for almost a week and do them for 30 minutes every day for the best results on how to get dimples permanently.

2. Makeup

Dimples can be mimicked well by the use of makeup. To do that, you need to look for the exact where you need to get the dimples. For that notice:

  • When you smile, natural creases should form on the outer sides of your mouth. Your dimples should fall just outside of the creases. These begin roughly around the area just above the upper points of the lips.
  • Do not smile unnaturally and try to smile as genuinely as you can. Real dimples are more prominent when you are smiling wide.

Dimples usually appear as slight crescent shapes. Use a brown makeup pencil or an eyebrow pencil and make a dot at the top where you and the desired pimples are. Dark brown works best as it blends easily into the skin. Draw a slightly curved line starting from the dot. The line shouldn’t exceed 1 inch below the dot. Blend it, until it looks like real dimples.

3. Piercing

Another way to get a pimple is by getting a piercing done on the cheeks. You can get a dimple piercing by visiting a professional like other piercings, dimple piercing also contains risks of infection.

Professional piercers will never agree to perform simple piercings on people that are under the age of 18. A lot of times, professionals refuse to make dimple piercings for people, as unlike ear piercing and nose there is no cartilage in the cheeks. This increases the risk of you damaging your nerves.

When to See a Doctor

If you have tried the above-mentioned ways and still want an answer to how to get dimples then it’s time you visit a doctor, especially a plastic surgeon that can do that for you. Experts at the Doctors Hospital say that for a lot of people, these methods don’t work and some affect their skin by trying different remedies at home. There are some other facial exercises that can be used at home.

Try and avoid methods that can increase the chances of damaging your facial structures and avoid using cheap tools on your face as these can cause skin and muscle damage.

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