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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to start weighing the pros and cons of various gifting experiences—including the best flower delivery services. Flowers are, after all, a timeless way to show someone special that you care, and they’re bound to appeal to almost every recipient out there. That said, they can be somewhat hit or miss: A lackluster bouquet does not strike the right chord, and a late delivery is even more unfortunate. Luckily, we’ve done our research and compiled a list of the best floral delivery services so you don’t have to worry about the logistics. Our top pick, The Bouqs Co., exclusively uses sustainable blooms and even offers a monthly subscription.

From FTD to ProFlowers, the best flower delivery services make it simple to customize and send a … [+] beautiful bunch of blooms.


Shopping for flowers online offers ease and accessibility, plus plenty of variety for choosing the perfect arrangement. While some flower delivery services specialize in roses, others take pride in offering a multitude of bouquets, many of which can be selected for next-day delivery. (Some services even offer same-day delivery, if you’re really in a pinch). Ahead, here are the best flower delivery services to help you express your love—even if you’re miles apart. And if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day-specific arrangement? Check out our round-up of 17 lush and lovely bouquets that’ll arrive by February 14.

Why Is It Better To Buy Pre-Arranged Flowers Online?

If you’ve ever tried making your own bouquet, you know that assembling a show-stopping arrangement is harder than it looks. When it comes to special occasions, it’s best to leave it to the pros. But don’t worry—despite enlisting expert help, a hand-picked flower arrangement still makes a heartfelt impression. “If you’re gifting, you’re able to cater your gift to the recipient while also purchasing something that’s been thoughtfully designed,” Kaylyn Hewitt, lead floral designer at The Bouqs Co., points out.

As far as shopping online (as opposed to, you know, picking up the phone or actually walking in to a florist shop), the best flower delivery services make picking and purchasing the perfect bouquet a seamless experience. Browsing online means you have access to thousands of options so you can pinpoint the one that’s right for your budget and your recipient’s style. Further, you can have your choice of well-known, big-box florists (who might offer the best and fastest delivery options) or ones that are, or are supplied by, small businesses that appreciate your support.

How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

Watching a gorgeous bouquet wilt is always a bit depressing, but (to put it poetically) the fleeting nature of its beauty is part of what makes flower-giving so indulgent and romantic. However, Hewitt says there are some tricks of the trade. “While different types of flowers have different vase lives, certain practices can help all flowers last as long as possible,” she shares.

The first step is to prep your plants from the get-go. “Give your stems a fresh cut upon arrival to allow flowers to drink up as much water as possible,” the floral designer advises. Also, consider the vessel. “You’ll want to use a clean vase to avoid any bacteria or fungi from growing, since that can speed up the death of your flowers,” she continues. From there, the arrangement will need a bit of loving maintenance: “Changing the water every other day is extremely important as well to stop the build of harmful bacteria,” Hewitt explains, noting that cool water is best. And don’t forget to add flower food when you give your blooms new water.

Finally, it’s time to find a sweet spot where your bouquet can settle in. “Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight because the sun’s rays can shorten a flower’s vase life,” Hewitt instructs, adding that harsh rays can cause wilting. At some point, though, your blooms will naturally start to wilt, and pruning dead leaves and petals will keep them looking as fresh as possible.

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