How To Get Invited To Parties In High School (Top 10 Ways)

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There is typically no shortage of parties to get involved in when you are in high school.

Whether you want wild parties or a small gathering with friends, high school is a time for socialization and spending time relaxing and partying.

However, for some people, it can be challenging to get invited to parties.

You may have a hard time finding the right group of people or knowing when these parties even take place.

However, if you want to get involved in parties, there are certainly ways to do it as a high school student.

Let’s take a look at the top ten ways to get invited to parties in high school.

How To Get Invited To Parties In High School (Top 10 Ways)

1. Join A Club

Two students giving each others high five for a good job

One of the easiest ways to start getting invited to parties is to join a club.

Most high schools have dozens of different clubs you can get involved in.

Some of these clubs will deal with helping others while others will be related to sports or special interests.

No matter what you are interested in, there will be some kind of a club that will meet your needs as a high schooler.

When you join the club, you may not get invited to a party right away, but over time, you will begin to create quite a few different social connections.

The more connections that you are able to make, the better the chance you have of getting invited to a party.

Joining a club is a smart choice for those who are a bit shy socially.

Sometimes when you join the club, it means you will have an instant connection with the people in your club.

Always try to join a club that holds some kind of interest to you.

If you spend time on your own photographing nature, a photo club may be an option for you.

Although you may not know everything there is to know about photography, chances are there are some things that you can learn from joining a club like this.

You may find that others appreciate your work, and you get invited to spend time with them socially.

2. Play A Sport

Two Young Boys in Soccer Sportswear Running and Kicking Ball on the Field

Playing a sport is perhaps the easiest and best way to make friends in high school.

When you play a sport, you will be exposed to a group of people who are all on your team, whom you must work together with.

This will help you make connections with people because you will be working with them to try and win games.

These kinds of connections typically lead to friends of the fields.

Most people will look back on their careers in high school and college and realize that these were some of their best friends.

If you don’t have a specific ability in a sport, you can always plan an intramural sport and try and learn more about what the sport is like.

You may find out that you are good enough to continue on the traditional sports team, and you can move beyond intramural sports.

Regardless of how you feel about your personal athletic ability, playing a sport is a great way to meet people and get invited to parties.

Many of the high school students’ parties will take place after games to celebrate a win or comfort each other after a loss or even the day before a game to get everyone excited for what is to come.

Playing sports is great for you athletically, and it is good from a social aspect as well.

3. School Play Or Musical Group

Male And Female Drama Students At Performing Arts School

Those who work together to put on a school play or a concert tend to develop very close relationships and have lots of parties.

This is because putting on a school play or performance is something that takes quite a bit of time and practice.

Those who are interested in spending this much time with other people will end up creating lifelong relationships.

There are always great after parties when these performances finally take place.

Ensuring that you get invited to these parties means that you must participate, be friendly, and be open-minded about the people in these groups.

The great thing about many of the school musical or drama groups is that there is not always as much competition as you see in sports.

Everyone has a different role, and therefore, they work together to get the final performance together.

Another one of the benefits of getting involved in a group like this is that it is typically quite a large group of people.

Where a club or activity may only have four or five members, the school play tends to have dozens of people working together.

The chances of you meeting someone that you enjoy talking to and spending time with is quite a bit higher than it is if you were simply seeking out a friend for a party invitation.

4. Church Group Or Social Groups

High School Vocal Music Department performing at National Church

In addition to clubs and sports, there are other ways you can meet large groups of people.

Some high school students are very active in church groups or social groups.

Some of these groups are built with just young people, but others will have a variety of ages.

Those who are in church groups tend to have lots of events that they can attend, and each of these groups typically has a mission or a plan that they are serving.

Many times, when a project is completed or to celebrate an accomplishment, these church groups or social groups will have a party.

The type of party will vary depending on the people that you are involved with and who is inviting you to these parties.

For some parties, the church may even allow you to use the space in the church building to have the party.

As always, you have to find a group that you are comfortable spending time with and that has similar morals to you.

The more time you can spend with groups of people you enjoy, the easier it is to get invited to parties.

You will find that the more time you spend with people you like, the more you will be yourself and get invited to parties.

5. Get A Job

female applicant talking at job interview

You may think that getting a job would actually make it harder for you to get invited to parties.

Of course, you will have to be careful when your hours are and not block out all of your weekend nights, but getting a job can be a great way to get invited to parties.

People who work together are often just as much of a team as those who are playing sports together.

Those who work together must problem solve, tend to certain needs around the workplace, and work together to be financially successful.

Many times, there will be other high schoolers working at the job as well.

These could be kids that you had never met before and knew nothing about.

When you start working with them, they may introduce you to other people, and eventually, you will grow your social circle quite a bit.

Getting a job is a big step for a high school student, and it leads to independence and growth.

There is nothing bad about getting a job, and it will help you in a large variety of ways.

The best part is that you will be improving your resume in addition to growing your social network and trying to make even more friends.

Jobs can take a little while to find, so be sure that you spend some time doing research into things that interest you.

6. Find A Hangout Spot

High School Students Sitting Outside Building With Phones

Where do you spend most of your time?

If you spend time at home, it is hard to meet new people, so get out there and try to find a place other than home to hang out.

Maybe there is a mall near your home or an arcade of some kind.

Do high school kids hang out at the local park or a community pool?

There must be some area where the high school kids like to gather and spend time.

If you can find an area like this where there are likeminded people all relaxing and enjoying their time, you will likely get invited to quite a few more parties.

Of course, the parties may be planned, or they may be impromptu events that come up after one of these hangouts goes along to a friend’s house.

The hangout spot is a great way to get invited to more parties because you can meet a variety of people.

Always make sure that the spots where you are choosing to hang out are appropriate for high school kids.

There is plenty going on in high school to enjoy your time there, so don’t worry about what the college kids are doing until that time comes.

7. Attend School Functions

Coach Giving Team Talk To Male High School Soccer Team

There are lots of school related events that you can use to meet people.

When you meet people at these functions, many times, there will be an invite to a party afterward.

Think, for instance, about a home football game or a soccer match.

Chances are these games get a lot of attention from those who go to school there, and you may find that you end up enjoying these school functions.

The more you go to these events, the more people you will meet and the more events you will get invited to.

High schools typically try to offer a variety of activities to get people excited about their school and what they have to offer.

Take advantage of these events and days so that you can enjoy the time that you spend in high school.

Schools have functions because they want kids to attend and have something to do that keeps them out of trouble.

If you choose to go to a party afterward, that is entirely up to you.

Many of these school related dances, games, and functions are just the pre-game for the high school party that follows the event.

Keep this in mind if you are looking to get involved in more high school parties.

8. Be Friendly And Outgoing

friendship, gesture, education and people concept

One reason you may be having a hard time getting invitations to parties is that you are not being overly friendly and outgoing with the people around you.

If you seem as though you are uninterested in parties or social events, chances are you won’t get invited.

One way to avoid this is to make sure that people know you are friendly and willing to socialize at a party or event.

As much as the world relies on social media and text messaging, it can be very difficult for people to communicate and let their feelings be heard by their peers.

If you want to get invited to parties, make sure your friends know you are interested in parties and would like to attend.

They certainly can’t read your mind, and without this knowledge of your interest, they may simply forget to invite you.

Be open to spending time with people, invite others to do things with you, and you will soon have an abundance of invitations coming your way.

If you are kind of shy and don’t get involved in conversations, people may think that you are not interested in their parties.

9. Use Social Media To Make Connections

teen girl checking social media

If you are not good and talking to people or making connections in person, you can always use social media to get the ball rolling.

Try to find people you are friends with on Facebook, and then start to grow your social network from there.

Many of the parties that kids are having are likely talked about on Facebook or Instagram.

You can use this information to find out more about who throws parties, where they are, and how you can get invited.

Sometimes kids will keep the parties kind of quiet, but in today’s world, most have an easier time text messaging and talking through social media than they do in person.

If this is how you are, try to use social media to make connections and grow your friend list.

From there, you can then follow up on those connections in person when you see someone at school that you know.

Social media is a great way to learn what is going on around you and potentially get yourself invited to join in.

If this is an easier first step for you, go ahead and take it because you likely won’t be disappointed.

10. Make Friends Of Friends

smiling students making high five gesture

Another way to help ensure you get more invitations to parties is to start making friends of friends.

If your friends do not have parties, use their social network to grow and expand yours.

If you decide to spend time with a friend one day and they invite another friend along, try to talk to this person about what they do in their free time.

You may find that you have a lot in common or that you both are interested in attending more parties.

You can take this new relationship and try and get more invitations to parties from there.

Of course, you will still want to be inclusive of your friend who introduced you, but overall, connecting with friends of friends is a great way to get invited to more parties.

One way to look at this is that most of the time, all friends in a group will have something in common.

You will typically end up like some of your friends’ friends because they are probably similar to you or your peers.

In this situation, don’t be afraid to be a little more outgoing and let these people know you are ready to go to some parties this year in high school.


Typically, high school parties are fun for a few years, and then you will be kind of over it.

When you are looking for ways to get invited to parties, these ten ways are going to help make things a bit easier for you.

Overall, there will be an abundance of high school parties to attend, so you just need to find the ones that are a good fit for you.

If you continue to grow your friends and acquaintances in various ways, you will have no issues getting more party invitations.

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