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Popsicle sunglasses, mirrored or reflective sunglasses, have become a popular fashion accessory in recent years.

These sunglasses feature a mirrored or reflective lens that gives them a unique, eye-catching look.

Furthermore, they are perfect for adding style to any outfit and can be worn casually and formally.

What is Mirrored Sunglasses?

Less light enters the eyes when wearing sunglasses with mirrors because the metallic layer on the outer of the lenses reflects glare rather than allowing it to enter.

When viewed from the outside of the sunglasses, they resemble one-way mirrors.

The reflective coating makes the lenses appear impenetrable, but they allow enough light through to allow you to see clearly with minimum eyestrain.

The key distinguishing feature of mirrored and polarized sunglasses is – you got it! – reflecting lenses!

Typically, these lenses are tinted with various hues, and these tints are matched with reflecting lenses, which make the color appear “opaque,” although this is all due to the coating!

Because it is a mirror, these pair of reflecting sunglasses will only let the person in front of you see their reflection while still allowing you to see them well!

This concept completely incorporates the “two-way mirror” notion!

How To Get Mirrored Popsicle Sunglasses

Why Do People Wear Mirrored Sunglasses?

The primary reason people use sunglasses with mirrored lenses is to reduce glare. This eyewear style keeps too much light from entering your lenses, preventing glare from impairing your vision. This is especially important when driving or participating in an outdoor sport under bright sunlight.

Mirrored sunglasses may also appeal to you due to their undeniable fashion sense. The lenses may change colors, allowing you to wear sunglasses in various colors while protecting your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Why Mirrored Sunglasses?

Mirror shades, like other sunglasses, can help shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. In contrast to many other kinds, the lenses of these feature a specific anti-reflective coating that deflects light and glare away from the sunglasses and your eyes.

Other advantages include longevity and appearance; many users consider them a fashion statement. These sunglasses are also ideal for sports and outdoor activities, especially snow, water, or sand.


The thin metal layer increases the longevity of your mirrored sunglasses. They do, however, scratch easily and require a lot more attention. Some brands have an extra scratch-resistant coating. If not, this can be done later, which is something to consider if you use sunglasses frequently. This additional scratch-resistant layer also helps to reinforce the eyewear.

Mirror sunglasses and driving

Mirror sunglasses decrease glare from the road, your car hood, and other vehicles better than non-reflective lenses. They’re a good option for driving and help to reduce eye strain. Polarized sunglasses are also excellent at protecting your eyes from glare. They can, however, react with the tempered glass in some car windows, distorting the light that enters; if this happens, you may detect patterns, swirls of color, or even blind patches. Meanwhile, mirrored sunglasses eliminate this significant risk.

Mirror sunglasses and sports

Mirror lens sunglasses are an excellent choice for skiing, watersports, sandboarding, and flying activities such as micro lighting and gliding, where glare significantly affects efficiency/performance and safety.

Hiking and cycling are two other sports involving spending hours in the sun. Even if it’s early morning, it’s critical to wear proper eyewear because UV rays are already at work.

If you wear a hat, you may not be impacted by direct sunlight from above, but you may be subject to hazardous glare from nearby surfaces such as water and rocks. Mirror sunglasses are a great technique to shield your eyes from reflected light rays.

How To Get Mirrored Popsicle Sunglasses

How To Get Mirrored Popsicle Sunglasses

When it comes to color and style, there are numerous alternatives. The color of the reflecting layer on your sunglasses is not always the same as the color of your lens – just because you’re wearing blue mirrored sunglasses doesn’t mean you’ll see everything in dazzling blue hues. When selecting a lens color, make an informed decision because it can greatly impact how you see your environment.

In other words, the color of your lenses is about more than looks. Distinct lens colors serve different functions, and the tint of your sunglasses can improve your depth perception and lessen eye strain depending on the situation.

Darker colors are ideal for most sporting activities and everyday use. They significantly minimize eyestrain and cut through glare.

Brown: This lens color allows you to see more colors and contrasts. Even under cloudy weather, brown colors reduce glare without reducing your eyesight.

Yellow: When it comes to foggy and dull weather, yellow or gold lenses are a fantastic choice since they provide superior depth perception and a good contrast range for improved visibility. Yellow, on the other hand, distorts color and provides little glare protection on bright days.

Grey: Grey lenses minimize glare and aid in depth perception. They are ideal for activities that necessitate precise vision.

Green: Another neutral color, green lenses have less color distortion and a better light contrast. Green lenses are appropriate for bright environments because they brighten shadows and reduce glare.

Pink/rose: rose lenses are popular for snow activities because they provide a brighter, sharper image of the surroundings, regardless of whether the sun is shining.

Frame Choices

After you’ve decided on a color and if you want the scratch-resistant layer, it’s time to choose a frame for your mirrored sunglasses.

The shape and style of athletic sunglasses can significantly impact your comfort and eye protection – and perhaps your performance. The teardrop form of aviator sunglasses helps shield against the brightness of the sea, sand, and snow below, while wraparound frames block rays that ordinarily sneak in through the sides of your sunglasses.

If you are serious about snow skiing or water sports, you should consider wearing protective goggles. However, if you want regular mirror sunglasses, go larger for more protection.


Mirrored sunglasses, as previously said, provide various benefits, including glare reduction, durability, and design – you may even personalize your sunglasses to acquire any mirror and tint combination you want. They’re also a wonderful choice for many sports and activities, particularly water, snow, or sand.

Is there one disadvantage? Mirror shades are more prone to scratches and require special care. However, you can apply a scratch-resistant treatment to help mitigate this.

They can also be more costly. Choose the reflective or non-reflective lenses, tints, and frame styles that best protect your eyes and vision if you can only afford one pair of sunglasses.


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