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DoorDash is one of the largest online food ordering and delivery platforms in the United States, and a popular choice for seasoned gig workers, college students, and those looking to getting into the gig economy. It offers “Dashers” the opportunity to set their own schedules and the flexibility to choose or reject each order before accepting.

Earnings on the platform, however, can range depending on where, when, and how you Dash, which is why it’s important to know how to get more DoorDash orders. That is because the best way to make money on DoorDash is to complete more orders while also being selective with which orders you take on. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but it’s also how to make the most money on DoorDash.

If you’re wondering how to maximize DoorDash earnings, there is perhaps no better way than increasing the number of deliveries you complete per shift or hour. At the same time, failing to properly manage those orders could lead to mistakes, and those mistakes could make it more difficult to earn bonuses and tips. Furthermore, it’s important to pick orders that allow you to maximize your earnings, whether that means operating at peak times and in busy locations, accepting higher-paying orders, or doing more at once.

Here’s how to earn more with DoorDash!

Choose Your Orders Wisely

Dashers have the flexibility to accept or decline any of their order assignments, and choosing those orders wisely can help increase earnings. Fortunately, Dashers are provided with several data points that can help them determine whether or not they should take on a particular job, and ultimately how to get more DoorDash orders.

While DoorDash doesn’t punish its Dashers for declining orders, they do offer bonus incentives and rewards for completing a certain number of orders or maintaining a high acceptance rate, typically above 70%. Sometimes low paying “dashes” simply aren’t worth your time, and Dashers shouldn’t hesitate to decline orders that pay too little.

Managing Multiple Deliveries At Once

How to get more deliveries on DoorDash is often a matter of planning your routes wisely and taking on multiple orders at once. Doing so is typically easier in densely populated areas with lots of popular restaurants. For example, a Dasher might be able to deliver multiple orders from one popular restaurant to the same building or neighboring buildings in a busy downtown area, thus increasing their earnings with little additional effort.

DoorDash makes it easier to batch multiple orders along the same route using its “Add Order to Route” option. The app will even color code orders to make the process even easier.

When managing multiple orders it’s important to stay organized, which is why some Dashers make a habit of keeping post-its and sharpies on them to label each one. This will help eliminate confusion when delivering batched orders. It may also be worth investing in a cooler bag that will make it easier to carry multiple orders at once, especially for those who are operating on foot or bike rather than a car.

Tips on Tips

One of the best ways to increase earnings is to earn more tips. Dashers are entitled to keep their tips, and a few extra dollars with each delivery can add up quickly. Focusing on providing a great delivery experience can help you gather more tips to work towards your personal saving or investing goals!

While you don’t need to dress up for your deliveries, it is important to be presentable to help increase tips. Other DoorDash driver tips and tricks include avoiding orders that are already running late, as they are less likely to result in a tip, and keeping a few extra straws, ketchup packets, plastic utensils, and other necessities handy in case they’re requested.

One of the best ways to make money on DoorDash in the form of higher tips is to choose more expensive orders. DoorDash recommends tips as a percentage of the overall bill, making it more likely for the Dasher to receive a higher tip on more expensive orders.

It’s also important to maintain just the right amount of communication with customers. A simple “thank you” can go a long way, as can delivery updates, but it’s also important not to over-communicate. After all, the customer receives live updates from the DoorDash app, so it’s important to avoid providing any information they can access on their own, or they could get annoyed.

Best Times to DoorDash

The question of how to get more DoorDash orders is really a matter of what are the best times to DoorDash. According to the company’s data the best times to DoorDash are often during lunch, or between 11am and 2pm, and dinner, between 4:30pm and 8pm. The company also found certain events and holidays increase demand, such as Halloween, Mothers Day and Father’s Day, Black Friday, and other statutory holidays.

🔥 Hot tip: Serious about getting more Doordash orders? Consider using Gridwise. This app helps you with time management, number of orders, and when you should drive. The Gridwise app has a ‘When to Drive’ feature that lets users know what times are the best to start driving in their area. This feature constantly takes in new data and gives drivers accurate estimates on the most profitable times to drive every week.

Best Places to DoorDash

DoorDash highlights the busiest areas in red within the Dasher app, and allows Dashers to start immediately by clicking the “Dash Now!” button. Within an area of your choosing, those spots will be marked with a red flame icon, indicating where you can get the most orders at once.

The Dasher App also recommends Peak Pay campaigns in busy areas. Those who operate during the Peak Pay promotion can earn extra money on each order. You can find more details about peak pay and availability in the “earnings” tab in the app.

Sometimes DoorDash greys out certain areas on the map because they’re already at capacity for that region. This often happens in some of the higher-traffic areas, where Dashers can get more orders at once. To avoid these restrictions, you can schedule your shift up to five days in advance, and effectively reserve your spot in higher-earning areas.

Earnings on DoorDash can range widely depending on when, where, and how you use the platform. By pre-scheduling your deliveries, prioritizing high-traffic areas, operating during peak hours, seeking more expensive orders, and managing multiple orders at once you’ll be well on your way to earn more as a dashed.

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