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“This father has finally found a worthy groom for you, darling.”

I was thinking of going back to bed, I felt like vomiting all the food that I had eaten.

Enjo, my second brother, was eating a very delicious quiche, which smelled disgusting for me.

He put down his fork fiercely, expressing an unasked objection.

“Not again. Father, how many times has it been?”


“It hasn’t even been three months since I broke up! No matter how good the proposal is, shouldn’t you think about how I feel?”

“I can’t get used to your sudden deep-rooted brotherhood.”

“Then will you defeat those barbarians instead of Britannia’s supporters?”

“What can you do?” He’s the best knight in the South, those uncivilized savages will be easily defeated.`

“The South’s top rascal stopped the plague by munching a leftover kernel in his mouth.” (He basically means he easily stopped the plague it’s a Korean idiom btw its enjo who’s saying this)

I just thought that what was coming had come.

“Who is it, Father?” When I asked a cheerful question, my father, who stared at Enjo with a disapproving expression, smiled kindly at me again.

“He is Britannia’s knight. The king’s beloved nephew and famous knight of the South. He is very handsome. I’m sure you’ll like him.”

“What! Do you know how bad his reputation is?!”

“Will it just be you?”

Enjo became quiet again. You have no idea that this handsome Southern knight will exterminate his wife’s house in the future. Oh, sons of this world.


As I hesitated for a moment, My brother Cesiare came in, and began to slowly stroke my head, he started singing silently. It was really creepy. It felt like a cold snake wriggled down my spine. I slowly raised my head and made eye contact with him. After seeing Cesaire’s deep blue eyes, my gaze shifted onto Enjo who was frowning discontentedly, and then, as always, I fixed my gaze onto Lady Julia and my father next to her.

“Thank you, Cesaire”

“My pleasure, father. I’m so glad that even this could be helpful to you.” Cesaire smiled gently and kissed my forehead.

“Good job as always, our little angel.”

I very much badly wanted to leave and vomit.

Right. I’ll throw up as much as I want after I think about my future survival strategy. Right now I’m on the blacklist of the south’s top four.


I thought I’d had finally ended my boring life with that untimely helicopter crash and could finally rest, but if you reincarnate as a lady in the Renaissancerenaissance period, and as a character in a novel you’ve read a long time ago, then that boring life was much better.

How terrible would it have been if I had reincarnated in the same era? I mean, if you’re in a good family, where you will be born.


I was so good at throwing up without others knowing that I didn’t have to worry about being caught by the maids, but I felt the same pain every time I did it. Another similarity between my old life and this life is this big thing.

It was a symptom—commonly known as an eating disorder. Before I became Ludbecia de Borgia, I mean before I died, I was an adopted daughter of an upper-class family in Spain. No, a child of charity. I don’t know much about Korea because I was adopted when I was very young. I attended a prestigious private school wearing school uniforms, as did my wealthy parents in Madrid, and lived a life filled with ballet classes, tennis clubs, horseback riding, and charity parties. I felt like I was different from the other kids around me.

It was when I was in the 4th grade, a male student picked on me by attempting to mimic my eyes. At first, I didn’t know what that meant, so I just laughed it off like the other kids who laughed. I thought my eyes were round like others, so I didn’t even know that he was mocking me. The so-called racism problem had been somewhat bearable over time. The family who adopted me apparently

Looked rich and perfect on the outside, but in reality, they were despicable, and I was always just an outsider. Each of my foster parents had a separate lover, and my younger brother, who was a promising tennis player, was exposed on the media for being a drug addict and having a promiscuous private life. My eldest brother, who was known to be normal, was a monster like his father. It became a natural habit for me to play the role of a cheerful, smart, obedient, and grateful daughter.

If I had ever brought shame, or offended my family I had hell to pay. It was the same here. At first, I thought it was just a short dream before I completely died. Otherwise, I wouldn’t look like a beautiful western girl in the mirror. It took me a few days to realize that I had become Ludbecia de Borgia, a character in the fantasy novel “Sodom and the Holy Grail” A novel I had read on a novel site as a teenager.

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