Top 7 Exercises To Make Your Face Thinner And Slimmer

You may sweat it out for weeks in the gym. All those hours spent to get into a body you can be really proud of. But, at times even though you’ve lost weight everywhere, your face is still a little plump or you just wish to look that little bit younger. Most gyms don’t come with a package that includes face exercises. Well, there’s good news, you don’t need a trainer to do them. They’re really easy to do and most people can even complete a bunch of repetitions while working or watching your favourite tv-series.

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Here are some of the exercises you can try:

1. Cheekbone lift: Here, you place your index and middle fingers on both cheeks at ones. Pull the fingers up, getting the fat to collect right under your eye and then lower your jaw, opening your mouth. The stretching of the cheeks can help your cheekbones look uplifted and face thinner.

2. Fish face: Create a vacuum inside your mouth by pulling both of your cheeks inwards, tilt your head backwards and look at the sky. Be careful to not do it if you wish to be silent, releasing the fish face will create an unwanted noise. You’ll find out.

Some facial exercises can help get rid of the double chin

3. Tone your jawline: The jawline trend suddenly picked up recently. Everyone looks out for a taut jawline. Double chins are extremely unwanted. So, you must tilt your head to face the sky, and then pull your lower lip over the upper lip and you will feel some pressure in your jaw.

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4. Brow raiser: Put your finger nails on your brows and attempt to raise while pulling down on your skin. This will make your eyebrows much more taut and stop them from drooping.

5. Smiling Buddha: Fold your lips into your mouth entirely. You must make sure there is just a line on your face and no lip is visible. Then pull the ends of your mouth up i.e. attempt to smile. Repeat at least 10 times. Over time, this should strengthen your facial muscles.

6. The “O”: Make an ‘O’ with your lips, placing them over your teeth. Note, this doesn’t mean opening your mouth wide, make an “O” that you make while saying the letter “O”. Then place your index fingers at the corner of each side, and push up. Maintain your “O” shape using the lip muscles, and repeat after 2-4 seconds of holding up.

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7. Smile: Well, that’s quite simple, isn’t it. Yes, we said it, practice smiling. Maybe even make other people’s days brighter with a smile. Slowly moving into a smile, will help you control your muscles and smiling capabilities. Stop at various expansions of your smile, to stress your muscles just that little bit more.

All of these are excellent exercises for your face, but fat burning through cardio and other such exercises will be extremely effective as well. So, burn body fat, to get the slim face you desire.

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