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Terraria is a great game with tons of content and building options packed within. Some of the building and crafting materials in Terraria can be hard to find. Once you have gone past the Wall of Flesh, the difficult level definitely goes up a notch. However, that is also an indication for hard mode to have truly begun.

Collecting souls in Terraria is a grind in itself. It can be tough to gain these souls when you have no idea where to look. Therefore, this guide will show you the ways to get Souls Of Night from enemies and where to find them.

Souls of Night are dropped by all enemies that are defeated in the Underground corruption or Underground crimson. There’s a 20% chance of enemies dropping them in normal mode, and 36% chance in Expert mode.

However, those are not the only places where you can find the Soul of Night. The Souls in Terraria are the key crafting materials in early-to-mid Hardmode so make sure to collect as many as you can!

What is a Soul of Night in Terraria?

For those unaware, the Soul of Night is a post hard mode Terraria crafting material that can be used to craft weapons and equipment. It can be found in the darker areas of the Terraria map. These areas include but are not limited to: Underground Crimson and Underground Corruption.

Soul of Night can also be dropped by enemies not native to such biomes. Soul of Night is also a key ingredient in making some bosses summonable, including the Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime but that’s not all it can make. You can also use the Soul of Night to craft the Key on Night that can be used to spawn Corrupt or Crimson Mimics.

Enemies that Drop Soul of Night

We will be showing you ways to harvest Souls of Night. Do note that even the pre hard mode enemies will start dropping Souls of Night as soon as Hardmode unlocks. You need to defeat Wall of Flesh in order to unlock hard mode so make sure to do that first before proceeding.

Unfortunately, there are no ‘specific’ enemies that drop Souls of Night. Almost any enemy present in the crimson or corruption biome will start to drop these Souls. The drop rate for this soul is 20%. With that said, this soul is relatively easier to collect in Terraria.


You can farm almost any enemy in Terraria for Souls of Night as long as they are in a Crimson or Corruption biome. Most of the enemies in Terraria will continue to stay in Early hard mode unless and until a mechanical boss is defeated. Therefore, take this chance to visit the underground biomes in order to find something decent.

Farming Early-Hardmode Enemies for Souls of Night

The best dropper of Souls of Night in pre hard mode is the Eater of Worlds. Since his body parts are considered individual enemies, you can get a lot of Souls of Night if you chop your way through its body. You can use Worm Food to summon the eater of worlds. Make sure to only do this in the mentioned biomes in order to gain Souls of Night.

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If you have made a Hellbridge then you can use it to lure Underworld enemies into your Crimson or Corruption biome in order to farm the souls.


This mode occurs after defeating at least one of the mechanical bosses. Finding Souls of Night in this phase is relatively easier since you are now strong enough to fend for yourself. The enemy spawn rate in this phase will be significantly higher than pre-hard mode.

Farming Mid-Hardmode Enemies for Souls of Night

You can farm Mid Hardmode enemies by placing corrupted blocks in order to create an artificial biome. You can also add traps if you want to automate it. Place a hell bridge in between to complete your perfect Souls of Night farm.

This will be much easier than heading into the unknown. While you are certainly strong enough to hold your own at this phase, it is still advisable to not fight a war of attrition unless you absolutely have to.


Once you have defeated Plantera, some specific changes will occur in the world of Terraria. This is the indication of the later part of the Hardmode being initialized. There will be a lot of new enemies for you to fight and defeat. All of these will drop Souls of Night if defeated in the mentioned biomes.

Farming Late-Hardmode Enemies for Souls of Night

The best way to farm Souls of Night in this phase is to build an enemy farm. You can create an artificial Crimson or Corruption biome by placing their relevant blocks. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind when going through such an ordeal:

  • Use Summons: Many decent summons are fairly easy to get so use them to deal with enemies in your farm.
  • Build Practically: Don’t waste too much time creating complex structures and farming setups if you are not planning to use them again.
  • Know Your Enemy: A lot of enemies have AI imperfections that can be exploited. Use them to your advantage and try to summon easy to beat enemies in your artificial biome.
  • Take Advantage Of The Spawn Range: Mobs spawning can be easily restricted with player place walls and lava.

All in all, that is how you can effectively extract Souls of Night from many enemies present in Terraria. One point to note is that even the Hollow enemies can drop Soul of Light if placed in a Crimson/Corrupted biome. Therefore, all that really matters is to maximize your farming speed in order to gain these souls. The drop rate is fairly decent therefore there shouldn’t be any issues in farming them.

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