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Stormveil Castle is one of the first locations in Elden Ring a player might stumble into that holds a demi-god inside. The enemies range from minor bosses to annoying ballista-wielding troops. You will probably die from each one of them at least once. Fortunately, this is what this Elden Ring Stormveil Castle Walkthrough will help you achieve! A walkthrough of Stormveil Castle that will not result in 1 million deaths is, in reality, possible in Elden Ring. For the completionists out there, don’t worry, you will find all the items hidden in every nook and cranny in this Elden Ring Stormveil Castle walkthrough.

Location of Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring

Map Location

In case you aren’t there yet, here is a map with the exact location of the castle. It’s situated on the northwestern side of Limgrave and can easily be reached after the player has finished the tutorial.

If you have trouble getting here due to annoying enemies, ride past them until you reach a tunnel with a Site of Grace. After this pit stop, the Tarnished will stumble into Margit the Fell Omen, which will be a challenging fight for rookies. Worst case scenario, go somewhere else and get a few levels under your belt. Once he’s down, head onwards to the castle gate and Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Stormveil Castle Walkthrough

Outside the Castle

As the player looks at the gate, if they go down the stairs to the right, they will find a body with a Furlcalling Finger Remedy on it.

When you go back up the stairs, look down to the left and jump down on the wooden ledge. Walk along the path and pick up the Fire Grease x2 from the body down there.

Go back to the closed main gate and enter the room to the left. An NPC is waiting for you here and will offer the choice of opening the main gate or leaving you to scale the castle from the side. The main gate is a gruesome experience, so taking the alternate opening is advised.

Once out of the room, look to the left to find a body with a Golden Rune [1]. After that, go back and up to the body hanging with a Ruin Fragment x3 on it.

Battered Wall That Needs Climbing

Follow the path until you have reached a battered wall overlooking a clearing you can jump down to. Don’t do it. Try to climb up the wall, as shown in the picture above. A body will be leaning against the tower up there with a Smithing Stone [2] on it.

Carefully descend to the clearing and go to the right. You will be attacked by a storm hawk, which you can defeat or ignore. Approach the Site of Grace at the end of the path.

After resting, go down the path to the left as you look over the cliff and reach three hawks waiting next to some loot. What they are protecting is a Smithing Stone [3]. There are also Bolts x10 around the corner, but they are easy to craft, so we’ll ignore those.

After getting that, head back and climb the wooden staircase. There is a guard at the top that can call other enemies, so take him out stealthily or quickly. Defeat the other two guards and advance around the tower to find a Golden Rune [2].

Enter the tower and kill the two sleeping guards that are getting up. Slay the patrolman walking around and pick up the Hookclaws at the end of the room.

Move back to the staircase and proceed to the servants with the bombs. After dodging them and dispatching them, walk to the locked door. To the right of it, pick up Throwing Dagger x5.

Turn around, and after killing the other servant bombers, loot the Smoldering Butterfly x3 from the hallway you just passed. Go onwards and ascend to the next enemy. After he’s dealt with, jump down to the Golden Rune [2] on the platform below.

Elden Ring Black Door To Knight

Head back up to the top of the stairs and enter the room with a black door. You will trigger a cutscene and fight a knight mini-boss. Once he’s been eliminated, search the room for a Rusty Key and a Curved Sword Talisman.

Return to the locked door from before and open it with the Rusty Key. Climb the ladder, take a right, and go toward the platform in front of you, taking care not to fall through the gap. Kill the sleeping guard in the middle of the platform, then walk on the wooden plank to another enemy and a Fire Grease.

To the right of the plank, notice the slightly higher wooden platform. Jump to it. You’ll come across a shielded soldier here. Continue down the stairs to the left and enter the door on your left to locate another enemy and the Brick Hammer. Go back to the ladder room instead of dropping below.

Go to the left this time. Watch out for the attacker waiting to ambush you around the corner. Ascend the stairs to find a Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot hidden behind some boxes. Exit through the front door to an outside platform with a massive staircase. Go around it to pick up Mushroom x3.

Make your way to the top of the staircase and defeat the strong halberd-wielding knight. Take the stairwell up once he is slain. Although the elevator is not yet operational, you can jump over it to find the Drawstring Fire Grease x2. Return across the chasm and into the armory ahead, where you can find a new Site of Grace to rest.

Inside Stormveil

Outside the Site of Grace room, walk up the second staircase. You’ll stumble into a soldier wielding a spear and shield, as well as another soldier firing a crossbow from a platform across the area. Return to the elevator once they’ve been eliminated. Use the pulley system to cross to the other side, where you can kill another soldier and loot Throwing Dagger x5.

Return to the hallway and find a door that leads outside. Avoid alerting the guard with the torch. Crouch and walk around the platform to the left of the door. Climb up the stairs on the opposite side of the podium and assassinate him, then easily eliminate the rest of the enemies.

Elden Ring Storveil Castle Sandbags

Scale the wall using the sandbags next to you, then walk along the ridge. When close enough to jump onto the nearby crumbled tower, take your shot. Inside, you’ll find a Stonesword Key.

Jump onto the rooftop below, where an armored storm hawk awaits you. This hawk is just as ruthless as the others, and it has a helmet that can spew fire. After the creature’s been dispatched, pick up the Dazing Cross-Legged gesture at the other end of the roof.

Next to the storm hawk resting in the distance, you’ll see a neighboring tower with a ledge. Hop on there and proceed around the tower until you reach a little wooden walkway that leads to a platform with a Smithing Stone [2].

Return to the roof where you fought the storm hawk, but instead of jumping down, leap onto the nearby rooftop with the destroyed pillar. Utilize that pillar to get to the ledge above you, then walk around it to find another rooftop. The roof is full of soldiers, so proceed with caution. Once the four soldiers have been defeated, climb to the top of the tower and loot the Claw Talisman.

Go back to the destroyed pillar on the rooftop. Between this roof and the one where you fought the storm hawk, there is a gap. Drop down and locate a Stonesword Key door and a Somber Smithing Stone [2]. Unlock the door and kill the two enemies inside. Afterward, pick up the Hawk Crest Wooden Shield, Misericorde, and the Iron Whetblade from the room.

Return to the courtyard and proceed to the other door. A Grafted Scion is guarding this grand room. Sneak to the other side of the hall and enter the small room where two dogs are waiting. Loot the Crimson Hood from the body pile.

Exit the room and walk through the door on the left. There’s an elevator that will take you back to the Site of Grace from the tower. Fortunately, there is a way to defeat the Scion here, but it’s a bit cheesy. You can shoot arrows and magic at it from inside this room, and it can’t get inside.

Elden Ring Scion Painting

Get the Highland Axe from beneath the enormous painting, after you’ve killed the Scion, as well as the Stanching Boluses from the table to the side of the room. We can proceed in a few different directions from here, but we’ll start by entering the kitchen to the left of the massive mural.

Take down the guys in front of the fire as quickly as possible. Loot the Exalted Flesh from under the platform, then walk up the stairs.

Another halberd knight is waiting inside the next room. Get a nice backstab and end him. To gain the Mimic’s Veil item, loot the chest in the front of the chamber.

Exit and climb the dirtbags on your left to hop on the wall. Advance onto the deck on the other side. Loot the Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot after killing the enemy there.

Follow the wooden ledge till you discover a ladder. Climb to the top of the roof and move ahead to the edge, where you can see a wooden balcony with an enemy below. Drop to the ground and kill the attacker, then open a neighboring door to gain access to the kitchen. Before returning, go through the door that the soldier was guarding to find a Stonesword Key and a Pickled Turtle Neck.

Return to the rooftop and jump across the buildings, back to the destroyed pillar on the other side. Climb up as if returning to the rooftop where you obtained the Claw Talisman, but instead descend to the platform below you, then descend again to a huge open rooftop where two soldiers are waiting. Take them out.

Walk past the wooden bridge to the next rooftop. There, you’ll find the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 10, alongside two additional troops. Go down the ladder on the opposite end of this rooftop and cross another wooden bridge where you will encounter another halberd knight as well as a sword knight in hiding. Pick up the Festering Bloody Finger from the body there, then climb the nearby ladder to a lower deck.

Continue on this path forward and around the corner to locate Arrow x10 and another ladder to descend. You’ll find a Golden Rune [4] and a barred passage on this final platform. Get in, kill the sleeping guard and pick up a Golden Rune [2].

Exit through the opposite door to find yourself on a rampart guarded by two enemies. Defeat them and walk down the rampart to the left. You’ll find a ladder to climb and a gateway at the bottom.

Elden Ring Rogier in Stormveil Castle

Go to the entrance that leads to a church, where you’ll find a Sorcerer named Rogier who will ask you to slay Godrick in exchange for spells. After you’ve finished speaking with him, return to the ladder, and up you go.

To get the Kukri x5 below, drop off the side of the roof opposite the ladder. Return to the ladder and travel through the bell tower to find the Golden Rune [2] on the linked roof before ascending the adjoining stairwell.

Get through the storm hawks with the explosive barrels. Travel back to the dead-end behind the stairs to discover a Smithing Stone [2], then continue forward through one more storm hawk to reach the Rampart Tower Site of Grace.

Return to the rampart and look for the ocean-facing balcony. If you look down over the edge, you’ll notice a platform below to jump to. You can drop down to a tiny ledge along the castle wall and then onto a wrecked tower to discover a Marred Wooden Shield. Drop until you reach a ledge formed of crumbling rocks, which will break and send you tumbling to a lower level.

You’ll see a scarab on the nearby cliff’s edge right away, so kill it to get the Ash of War: Storm Assault. Continue along this cliff, but before you reach the wide area ahead, prepare for a Crucible Knight patrolling the area. End him to get the Aspects of the Crucible: Horns. Loot the Smithing Stone [2] behind him and advance to find a second elevator to our old Site of Grace.

Return to the area where you fought the Scion and exit through the door opposite the kitchen to the courtyard. Use the door on the left to get access to the wooden ledges above, where an Arrow x10 can be found.

Inside the Courtyard

Fire Arrow x12, a Wooden Greatshield, a Pike, Magic Grease, Golden Rune [1] [2] and [4], Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Mushroom x8, and Smoldering Butterfly x5 may all be found on the grounds and in both of the wooden towers. You can either quickly pick them up or eliminate all the enemies here, which would be a very tiresome task.

Stonesword Key Door, stormveil castle walkthrough

Check the corner near the courtyard’s doorway for a cellar that leads to a room with rats, a Fireproof Dried Liver, and another Stonesword Key door. To get the Godslayer’s Seal and the Godskin Prayerbook, use the other key we found previously to open it up and loot the chests within.

Find a small room with a painting close by. Head up the stairs behind the huge opponent to find a Smithing Stone [1] and the next Site of Grace.

To summon the elevator down, pull the lever next to it, then take it up to a high rampart that overlooks the courtyard. Walk to the end of the pathway, and you’ll find yourself in a long chamber full of magic jar foes, including one huge jar warrior hidden in the back. There are 2 Cracked Pots where the big jar was hiding.

If you look down the path, you’ll notice that it’s been split in two. You’ll see another Teardrop Scarab down there. Destroy it to obtain the Ash of War: Stormcaller. Grab the Kukri x8 from the left route, then return to the ground and exit through the door. The boss entrance, as well as another Site of Grace, may be found here.

Take the route where a giant and some soldiers will be waiting for you. After defeating them, collect the Smithing Stone [2] from the neighboring alleyway, then loot the Golden Seed from beneath the tree up ahead. Look to the right, behind the line of storm hawks, and you’ll notice an item. Sneak by them and get a Golden Rune [2]. After that, you can kill them to get access to the stairs they’re protecting and the Smithing Stone [2] atop.

Finally, enter the room near the tree to find a warrior named Nepheli Loux and a Smithing Stone [1]. She will assist you in beating Godrick.

Head back to the Secluded Cell Site of Grace and pass through the fog to finally face Godrick the Grafted, your first demi-god enemy!

If you enjoyed reading this Stormveil Castle Walkthrough and want to play the game, Elden Ring is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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