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Elden Ring is a unique open world game in which every decision made by the player alters the course of the game. Besides choosing between various sides, you must also take into account which NPCs you support in your gameplay. Ranni is one such witch NPC whose quest line offers great rewards and unlocks a whole new aspect of becoming the Elden Lord. However, you must find her first to start Ranni’s quests. The problem is that the game doesn’t guide you to her, and you must find her location yourself. If you are also wondering how to reach Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring, then you are in the right place. This article will guide you through all the steps to find and reach Ranni’s Rise.

How to Reach Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring

Ranni is an important NPC to unlock the Age of the Stars Ending in Elden Ring. However, like other NPCs, she doesn’t come to you at a random Site of Grace. Instead, you must find her location and speak with her to start the quest line. First, you must make your way to The Three Sisters, west of Liurnia of the Lake. Moreover, you must also defeat the spirit of Royal Knight Loretta at Caria Manor. Secondly, there are three different towers or Rises in the region, i.e., Ranni’s Rise, Renna’s Rise, and Seluvis’s Rise. So, you must find the right tower and solve the puzzle to reach its top to meet Ranni. Here’s how to reach Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring:

Caria Manor

First, you must progress the main storyline enough to reach the Liurnia of the Lakes. From the very first Site of Grace, head to the Main Caria Manor Gate Site of Lost Grace. It is a special dungeon-like area that contains a deadly fog and numerous enemies. Defeating the enemies won’t be easy, so make sure you come well-prepared for the job. To reach this location, head northwest from Liurnia of the Lakes and follow the stream till you find an unusual blacksmith named Iji near the King’s realm Ruins. Be sure to explore the area and catch up with Iji’s story, as it contains many secrets.

Anyways, you must explore around the area till you find an unusual wall near the Blacksmith. You must cross the wall to reach Caria Manor. Don’t worry if you didn’t bring a hammer to break this wall. To cross the wall, all you need is to jump near the wall to cross it same as the train platform in Harry Potter. After crossing through the magical wall, you will reach the Main Caria Manor Gate Site of Lost Grace. Enter the castle and continue on the straight path till you reach the room with the large statue. Be vigilant around this area, as two large Spider Hands will fall down the ceiling. Moreover, some weaker Spider Hands will also welcome you into the room. So, it would be best to bring your best gear on this journey.

After dealing with the Spider buddies, continue straight till you find a large door with crystals on the side. Enter the room and climb up on the stone path till you reach another large door with two blue fire torches on each side. Enter the door and immediately turn left to find the staircase. Continue on the stairs to enter the room with the Ghost. Avoid the Ghost or deal with it, your call, but climb up on the second staircase to reach the Site of Lost Grace.

Upper Caria Manor

After resting at the Site of Grace, exit through the door in front of you to reach the upper levels of Caria Manor; this portion is slightly difficult as there are more enemies with more serious difficulty. However fighting them is optional, but they can add a lot of Runes to your pouch. After entering the upper level, you will find a couple of bridges that connect different towers. However, all bridges are guarded by Glintstone Traps and Spirits of Knights and a few weaklings. So, you must carefully choose to fight or flee, depending on your condition.

To reach the boss arena of the Royal Knight Loretta, you must cross through all the bridges. After crossing the first bridge, avoid the first tower and head directly towards the second one. Once you reach the second tower, turn northeast and go up the stairs, and use the elevator to reach the second Site of Lost Grace. Again, I suggest that you rest here as there is a fierce boss fighting and waiting for you right around the corner.

The Royal Knight Loretta

The next hurdle in your way is no other than the boss, the Royal Knight Loretta. Moreover, a small group of distant enemies guards the path and entrance to the boss fight arena. You can either take the stairs and fight them or take a shortcut, skipping all enemies. To take the shortcut, head southwest just before you reach the staircase. You will see a ladder in your path and climb up the ladder to directly enter the boss arena without having to fight any of the enemies.

Defeating the Royal Knight Loretta is no easy task. However, it is an important step if you really want to reach Ranni’s Rise. Fortunately, you can call Spirit Ashes during this boss fight. The key to defeating the boss is to keep moving around, use rolls to dodge the attacks, and use the Spirit Ashes to divert its attention while you deal the major damage.

Ranni’s Rise

After defeating the Royal Knight Loretta, all that stands in your way is the large mysterious section of the Lands Between. You must use the teleporting door to travel to the Three Sisters. Here, you will find three distant towers in your path, namely: Renna’s Rise, Ranni’s Rise, and Seluvis’s Rise. All towers are connected by three bridges that lead you to different locations. To reach Ranni’s Rise, you have to take the middle bridge. However, there’s a dragon guarding this path, so be careful about how you choose to reach the tower. Fortunately, you can ride the Torrent on your way to avoid the dragon unless you get too close.

Once you reach Ranni’s Rise, enter the tower and use the stairs to climb up till you reach the second floor. Here, you must rest at the Site of Grace to save your progress before continuing ahead all the way to the very top. You will find Ranni, the Witch, on the top floor of Ranni’s Rise. Speak with her to start your quest and uncover the hidden Dark Moon secrets.


How to unlock the Age of the Stars Ending?

The Age of the Stars is a special ending in Elden Ring in which Ranni, the Witch, proclaims the Tarnished as her Elden Lord. However, you must finish Ranni’s quest line, defeat Blaidd, and avoid inheriting the Frenzied Flame when entering the Erdtree to unlock this Ending. Moreover, after defeating the Elden Beast, you must use Ranni’s summon sign near the statue to initiate the Age of the Stars ending sequence.

Where to find Ranni’s Rise?

Ranni’s Rise is one of the three towers on the mysterious island of Three Sisters. The only way to reach this place is to unlock Liurnia of the Lakes, head west till you find Iji, the Blacksmith, and walk past the magical wall to reach Caria Manor. Here, you must defeat the Royal Knight Loretta and use the teleporter to reach the Three Sisters. Next, take the middle bridge while on your Torrent to avoid the dragon to reach Ranni’s Rise.

How to reach the Royal Knight Loretta?

The Royal Knight Loretta is found in the boss fight arena in upper Caria Manor. However, you must first clear the Sites of Lost Grace to reach this location. Moreover, the pathway to the boss arena is guarded by several enemies. Fortunately, you can avoid them by taking the ladder just before the staircase to directly reach the arena.


Ranni, the Witch, is an important NPC whose quest line rewards you generously. Moreover, completing her quests is compulsory to unlock the Age of the Stars ending in Elden Ring. However, unlike other important NPCs, she doesn’t come to you at a random Site of Grace. Instead, you must find her tower at the Three Sisters and speak with her to begin the quests. Unfortunately, the location of Ranni’s Rise isn’t available on the map unless you visit it at least one time. So, how to reach Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring? This article explains all the dos and don’ts of your journey.

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