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Developed by Chainnov Inc., the Gettr social platform – launched on 1 July 2021 – has been portrayed as a social platform that is non-biased for everyone all over the globe. Jason Miller, who happened to be the former senior advisor of the immediate past US President, Donald Trump, founded Gettr with the idea of getting people of shared values to interact with one another.

This article provides a great insight into getting verified on the App, how to use the App efficiently, and creating a well-polished profile on the newly launched App.

Gettr Landscape

Jason Miller describes Gettr as a social milieu that uplifts the freedom of speech and expression, merging individuals with the same beliefs and like minds that exists to compete with other social networks and build a marketplace of ideas. Many people view Gettr as an alternative to other established social media networks, thus exploring a different social platform.

Gettr App Installation

If you’re looking to get the Gettr App on your device, either it’s an Android or an iOS, it’s not complicated at all. Just like other apps could be installed quite easily on your devices, the Gettr App is also easy to install. Just read the following guidelines to have a smooth Gettr App installation on whichever device you use.

For individuals who use iOS, locate the App Store on your iOS device. Locate the search tab and search for the GETTR app – A Marketplace of ideas. Afterwards, tap on the App and tap the ‘Get’ Option. Wait till the installation is complete and you are good to go to start operating the App. So simple!

As an Android user, the Google Play Store is the right place to get the App. Just click to open it from your home screen or wherever the Google Play Store is located on your Android. When the Google play store is launched on your device, there is a search tab available at the very top. Click on the Search tab and type ‘GETTR’, then click on search. The App originates from GETTR USA, Inc., so you don’t go on to install the wrong App. The App should be displayed on your screen by now, then tap the install button. On Google Play, you have to be at least 17 years old to have the App installed.

Signing Up On Gettr

To sign up on Gettr is equally easy after you have successfully installed the App. Well, you could choose to sign up on the Gettr App or sign up on the Gettr site directly, depending on the way you want it and how it suits you.

If you find signing up on the Gettr site better, is the website to visit. This could be done using any suitable browser like Chrome, Opera Mini and the likes. Just make sure any browser you use is up to date to access the Gettr site. When the site is loaded, you are now live on the Gettr platform and ready to sign up. Navigate and click on ‘create account’ on your screen.

The ‘create account’ button could be at either the top or bottom of the site. You would then have to fill in the required fields: the username of your choice, your password (ensure that the password should be a strong one for security reasons), your year of birth, and your email. A code of verification from Gettr would be sent to your email, and after the code is sent to your mail, you then fill it on the Gettr site. When you are done, you have just gotten yourself signed up for Gettr via their site.

The Gettr App is also a suitable place to get signed up. After you have installed the App, open it and follow the procedures similar to the Gettr Site. Creating a profile for yourself on Gettr comes after being signed up.

On your Gettr Account, locate ‘Edit’ profile’ to get started. Make required changes, upload an excellent profile photo and edit your bio if you choose to.

Getting Verified On Gettr

Are you a celebrity, an influencer, or do you think you have enough audience/followers to get verified on Gettr? The process is quite simple.

It’s almost the same way as getting Verified On other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram et al. Well, the fact that former US President, Donald Trump, doesn’t have a verified account on the newly launched platform doesn’t necessarily mean getting verified is very uneasy or that you don’t have what it takes to get this unique account. Just do the following, and you are on your way to getting the verification you have been longing for.

  1. First, be sure to have enough audience/followers as it is the primary yardstick of being verified.
  2. Once you are convinced that you are qualified to get verified, click on ‘account’ at the bottom right of the App.
  3. Select ‘help center’ and then tap ‘support.’
  4. A message box would be made available. In the message box, type stating that you would want your account verified. Reasons why you feel your account is worthy of verification – maybe you are a celebrity or a famous person – should also be typed in the box.
  5. Send the message to Gettr and patiently await a response from them.
  6. Now, it’s up to Gettr to decide if your account is worth verifying or not. If it is, congratulations to you.

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