6 Easy Ways to Get Water Out of Your iPhone Charging Port

Even though getting water into the charging port of your iPhone is not always an intentional act, the situation still comes into play. As you go about your daily activities, including showering, cooking, running, or swimming, there’s always a risk when you have your phone around.

Now, what happens when your phone’s charging port gets wet. How do you dry it? What do you do? If you discover that water has entered your charging port, it is imperative to get it appropriately dried before using it. Carefully read through this article and find below some easy ways to get water out of your iPhone charging port.

1. Shaking Your Phone To Remove Water

First and foremost, once your iPhone gets in contact with water or an alert pops up to notify you of possible water damage, quickly disconnect all connections and power off the phone to prevent any form of short circuit. You should open up the phone to remove the battery if you can. Next, you hold your iPhone upright with the Lightning connector facing down and tap it gently against your hand so that the gravity can stop the water from going further inside your phone and allow excess liquid to fall off. This is the first and easiest step to getting water out of your iPhone charging port.

2. Exposure to Air & Sunlight

It is a known fact that sun and heat, in general, are suitable for evaporation. If your phone suffers from a water problem, you can simply leave it out in the open for fresh air to blow into it and dry it up. Additionally, sunlight can also help to dry out the water content. However, one must be careful with this method as prolonged sun exposure can result in permanent damage to your phone components like the battery, screen, and the miniature circuit board.

3. Using Your Cooling Fan

Secondly, you could help the drying process run faster by placing the affected iPhone in front of a cooling fan or a dry area with enough airflow. After you must have shaken some moisture off the phone, you can place the phone a distance away, and in front of a fan blowing cool air to achieve maximum effectiveness and faster dryness. Be sure to place it so that the fan blows diagonally into the Lightning connector. But then, be cautious about the fan’s speed so that you don’t end up blowing water particles further into the phone. Doing this will definitely help the drying process.

4. The Use Of Silica Gel

One way that absorbs a lot of moisture other than rice is using silica gel. Believe it or not, Silica Gel is a good moisture absorber. You most probably have seen packets of silica gel inside bags or shoe boxes that you buy. These little silica gel packets are there for no other reason but to absorb all the moisture and ensure that your bags, clothes, shoes, etc., are kept safe and are not damaged as a result of humidity. Just for the information, silica is a special desiccant that absorbs moisture and helps keep humidity at its barest minimum. For their great absorbing ability, Silica gel packets can be helpful for drying out a damp iPhone. To do this, you only have to place your affected iPhone and several silica packets in a tight-fitting bowl with a good kid, and cover it. Then allow the silica gel to do its work and dry out your iPhone in a few days. The waiting period is not usually long (shouldn’t take more than three days at worst), depending on the condition of your iPhone. So if you find yourself in a water damage situation and you have silica gel at hand, it would be very handy. Just try using them, they will help you fix your iPhone with water damage.

5. The Use of Rice (Not Uncooked White Rice)

Just as advised to use desiccants like silica gel, rice may also be a little effective for removing water from the iPhone charging port. Unlike most people believe, uncooked white rice may not be ideal for sich phone rescue operations because it performs poorly as a drying agent. However, couscous, instant rice is a pretty good absorbent, implying that it can help your water-damaged iPhone to some extent. All you need is to power off your iPhone and submerge it inside the rice. Ensure that it is completely submerged within a bowl of rice and leave it for some time, maybe a day or two depending on how wet it is, and the rice will induce dryness by absorbing all the moisture that is left in the phone. Some people believe this method is nothing but luck. However, others believe that this method works. Even though this method might be controversial, it would still number among the DIY solutions for fixing problems of phones damaged by water. Apart from charging port problems, this rice trick can also be used to solve problems like moisture inside the iPhone camera lens.

6. The Use Of Hair Dryer/Vacuum Cleaner

To use the method of a hairdryer, you have to turn on the “Cool” setting and blow at a lesser speed toward the phone which is slightly slanted. Heat may damage your phone components, so it is not advisable to use a dryer if it does not have a “cool” feature.

On the other hand, using a vacuum hose might be handy to get some water out of your phone’s charging port. To do this, you’ll need to attach a hose to your vacuum cleaner, and then you’re good to go. After attaching the vacuum cleaner hose to your phone’s charging port, turn it on and wait while it does the sucking. The suction will undoubtedly help remove the water from the charging port of your iPhone. Again you have to be careful with the suction power of the vacuum cleaner so that it doesn’t interfere with other phone components.


Interestingly, a lot of people have this confidence when they purchase one of the latest iPhones because everyone believes that they are waterproof. Frankly speaking, the fact that these phones have IP ratings sometimes boosts one’s confidence and carelessness as to handling their phones in or around water situations. The truth is that whether or not your iPhone has an official IP rating, it is not advisable to submerge your iPhone in water because Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage, even if your iPhone has an official IP rating.

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