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Building in Minecraft can be tedious when it’s done block by block. Fortunately, the WorldEdit mod exists to make this process far easier.

WorldEdit is a helpful mod that provides Minecraft players with additional tools to shape their worlds as they see fit. It features a multi-block selection, saving and importing of schematics, and a terrain painter to reshape the landscape in an image.

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WorldEdit is fantastic for single-player and multiplayer servers alike. However, newcomers to Minecraft or modding may not be totally sure about how to download and use the mod.

Fortunately, WorldEdit isn’t too difficult to figure out at its most basic, and it shouldn’t be problematic to install.

WorldEdit for Minecraft is available through different outlets on the internet

WorldEdit is available through various Minecraft and online outlets. This includes the mod’s official website as well as modding sites like CurseForge.

Downloading WorldEdit directly from CurseForge has its upsides. Forge is an excellent program to immediately install the mod without needing to do so manually in your game folders.

The Fabric mod loader is also compatible with WorldEdit, making the mod very accessible.

Steps to install WorldEdit with Forge

  1. Download WorldEdit’s files from one of the reputable sites where it is hosted.
  2. Find your Minecraft mods folder. Once Forge has been installed, you can open Minecraft and navigate to the “Mods” button on the main menu. Click on this button and enter the mod menu.
  3. From here, you should be able to locate the mods folder by selecting “Open Mods Folder.” However, it’s also possible to navigate to the folder manually by heading to appdata/.minecraft/mods. For Mac users, head to Application Support > Minecraft inside the ~/Library directory.
  4. Place the downloaded .zip or .jar files downloaded into this mods folder.
  5. The mod should now appear in-game via the mods menu. You can activate or deactivate it at your leisure.

Steps to install WorldEdit with Fabric

  1. Download the mod’s files. They typically come in .jar, .zip, or .rar formats.
  2. Insert the files in your mods directory. By default, it should be the same as it is listed above for Forge.
  3. Start your game/server to access the mod.
  4. Sometimes, in server situations, you’ll need to be an operator to use WorldEdit. To do so, configure your permissions mods if you have them available. Alternatively, enter your server in-game and enter the chat console command “/op yourname” to give yourself operator privileges.

Steps to install WorldEdit on a Bukkit server

  1. After downloading the mod files, navigate to your Bukkit server’s plugins folder.
  2. Place the .jar or file archive within the plugins folder.
  3. Start your server as you normally would. WorldEdit should install automatically once the server is online.
  4. Like other servers, you’ll need operator permissions to access WorldEdit in some circumstances. This can be achieved by using a permission manager if available. Furthermore, you can still use the ‘/op’ command to give yourself permissions.

Learning how to use WorldEdit is a different story for Minecraft players, as it is more complex than it may appear. However, knowing the basics is enough before diving deeper into the mod’s tools.

Basic tools to use in WorldEdit

  • Tree Generator (/tool tree [type]) – This tool allows players to generate a specific tree type when they right-click a block.
  • Floating Tree Remover (/tool deltree) – Right-clicking a partially-chopped tree or leaf block will remove all accompanying blocks. This can be performed on log and mushroom blocks as well.
  • Block Replacer (/tool repl [pattern]) – Right-click a block to replace it with a Minecraft block of your chosen pattern or type. Left-click to replace your active pattern with the block you’re clicking on.
  • Long Range Builder (/tool lrbuild <leftclick pattern> <rightclick pattern>) – Place/break blocks at a distance with this tool. Simply aim and click. The blocks will be placed at range as if you were right next to them. You can also set blocks in the air.
  • Long Range Wand (/tool farwand) – This operates exactly like the standard selection wand, allowing you to pick a large chunk of blocks by clicking two different endpoints. However, this wand can be used at any range.
  • Cycler (/tool cycler) – This tool will cycle a block’s state, allowing you to tweak blocks like fences to give them a certain appearance, even if they’re not connected to other blocks.
  • Query (/tool info) – With this tool, you can right-click a block and receive information on it. The block’s coordinates, state, and light level will be displayed, among others.
  • Floodfill (/tool floodfill <pattern> <range>) – Using this function, right-clicking a start point and an end point will replace all of the blocks between the endpoints with your set pattern.
  • Super Pickaxe (// /sp single) – This tool allows Minecraft players to immediately break any and all blocks. Though this can be done in Creative Mode, the blocks broken with the Super Pickaxe will drop themselves.

Learning the full ropes of WorldEdit will take some time and understanding. Players are highly recommended to head to to view developer documentation that will explain all the tools and other functions of the mod.

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