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Welcome back for a brand new entry in Paranormal Games on iHorror. Today we have something far more sinister than the Cat Scratch Game or Red Door, Yellow Door. It’s called The Three Kings Ritual, and it’s a game whose rules you must follow to the letter.

Honestly, I’m loathe to call it a game at all. It is indeed a ritual as the name implies. As with most games like this, its origin is murky at best. The earliest mentions I can find of it are on CreepyPasta websites and Reddit.

As a side note, this has nothing to do with voodoo ritual of the same name. That’s a different kind of power all together, though some of the supplies that you’ll use within the “game” again point to a more ritualistic nature.

Supplies, Rules, and Warnings for Playing The Three Kings Ritual


This list is long and involved and you need every single piece in order to play. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT.

  1. A large quiet room, preferably without windows. If you must use a room with windows, cover them up so that no light from outside can make its way into the room. The room should also have a door that will close and latch securely.
  2. A candle. Preferably a sturdy pillar candle that will not burn out or burn down quickly
  3. A lighter. You have to light the candle, of course
  4. A small bucket of water and a clean mug or cup
  5. An electric fan
  6. Two large mirrors
  7. An alarm clock
  8. Three chairs
  9. A fully charged cell phone
  10. A partner you trust to follow the rules and take the game seriously
  11. A small object that holds sentimental or emotional value for you

Setting up for the game:

At 11 pm, you should begin set-up for your Three Kings Ritual.

In your chosen room place one of your chairs facing North. This is your Throne. Place the other two chairs on either side of the Throne facing toward it. These chairs belong to the Queen and the Fool and they should be about an arm’s distance from the Throne.

Secure one mirror onto the Queen’s chair and one on the Fool’s, again facing toward the Throne. Sitting on the Throne, you should be able to see your reflection in the periphery of your vision without having to turn and look.

Place the bucket and your chosen cup or mug in front of the Throne just barely out of reach. You want them near enough in case you need them, but not so close that you might trip over them.

Place the fan behind the Throne and turn it on, but not on high. Medium or Low should suffice for the purposes of the ritual.

Turn the lights off and leave the room making sure the door is left open and go to your bedroom.

Place your cell phone, candle, and lighter close to the bed so you can reach them easily without having to hunt for them. To make sure the phone is fully charged, I would just leave it on the charger. Set your alarm clock for 3:30 am.

Take your chosen object and get into bed. It’s time to sleep to prepare for what is to come.

Conducting the Three Kings Ritual

When your alarm clock goes off at 3:30 am, get out of bed, light the candle, and grab your phone. Keep your sentimental object with you at all times.

You have three minutes to return to your prepared room.

When you enter the room, close the door behind you. Your chosen partner in this ritual should wait right outside the room and be as quiet as possible.

Protecting your candle flame, take your place on the Throne. Your body should block the wind from the fan behind you and keep it from burning out the candle. The idea here is that, should you slump to the side during your time in the room, the candle flame will be blown out by the fan ending the ritual.

DO NOT, AT ANY POINT, LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE MIRRORS ON EITHER SIDE OF YOU!! Also, do your best not to stare directly into the candle’s flame.

Assuming you’ve made it onto your Throne by 3:33 am and all has gone according to plan, you may now begin the active part of the ritual by asking question aloud. It may take time, but again, assuming you did everything correctly, you will soon be joined by the Kings who will answer your questions.

Reportedly, you will actually hear their voices, but remember, no matter how startled or how unsettling it may be, do not turn to look into the mirrors.

Remember to take this seriously. This isn’t a time to ask stupid questions-regardless of what you may heard before, yes they do exist. You have one hour with the Kings to ask whatever you like. Be prepared for answers you may not like, and be prepared for questions as answers to your questions.

Finally, do not let the candle go out during your session.

At 4:34 am, your friend on the other side of the door should call out to you that the game has ended. If you do not respond, they should try calling your phone instead. If, and only if, neither of these methods succeed in getting your attention, they should then enter the room to try and snap you out of the ritual by calling your name, but they should not under any circumstances touch you. And finally, if that doesn’t work, they should use the mug to throw water from the bucket in your face.

If you find yourself in a semi-conscious state and it’s time to return, focus on the personal item you brought with you and let it guide you back to a waking state. It might sound silly to you, but if you’ve committed to the ritual, thus far, then it’s not that big a stretch of the imagination.

As soon as you are aware that time for the ritual is up, you should stand up, blow out the candle and leave the room to signify closure.


If you do not wake up at 3:30 am, do not continue.

If you return to your prepared room to find the door closed, do not continue and leave the house taking everyone with you. Do not return before 6:00 am.

If the fan is turned off or no longer working in some way, do not continue and leave the house taking everyone with you. Do not return before 6:00 am.

Do not let your candle go out before the ritual is complete.

Again, as stated above, do not at any point look directly into the two mirrors. It is said that what you see there may pull your consciousness inside and you can become trapped by the Kings.

Do not leave your Throne before 4:34 am.

Don’t go into this ritual acting cocky or disrespectful. It won’t end well for you or your ritual partner.

Risk Level:

Of all the games we’ve covered in this series so far, this is, by far, the riskiest as it actually involves ritualistic elements and supposed spirit summoning. Those particular elements aside, you’re also holding onto a lit candle for an hour so there’s the risk of burns as well.

Make sure this is something you really want to do before you take on the Three Kings Ritual.

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