How To Play Bananagrams – Game Rules And Strategies

Bananagrams is fun and most of all very simple to play. It requires less time to set up and has few rules to understand.

In this short and concise article, we will cover the basics of how to play Bananagrams simply and easily.

Game components

  • 144 Word Tiles
  • Storage Bag
  • Instructions

The object of the game is to be the first player to use all your letters.

Number of players: 2-8

Time:15 min

Age: 7+


Layout your letter tiles face down in the center of the table and mix them up. This is what is called the bunch.

From the bunch, each player takes their starting tiles based on the number of players.

Quick summary:

  • 2-4 People: each player takes 21 letters.
  • 5-6 People: each player takes 15 letters.
  • 7 People: each player takes 11 letters.

All players play simultaneously without any turns.


To begin, one player says “SPLIT” and all players simultaneously turn over their tiles.

Bananagrams - Players call out ROTTEN SPLIT

Players that work independently to arrange their own word grid.

Word must read from left to right or top to down. And one word must at least connect to another word. You arrange the words just like playing a crossword puzzle.

You may also rearrange your words as often as you like.

Any player who uses their last face-up letter says “PEEL” and that player and every other player takes one tile from the bunch.Bananagrams - Players call out PEEL

Anytime during the game, you can say DUMP and pick one of your tiles and place it face down in the bunch, replacing it with three new tiles.

Bananagrams - Players call out DUMP

This process does not affect the other players and you can do so as often as you want if it helps you play your tiles well.

End of Game

When the bunch is depleted than the number of players, then the first player to arrange his or her letters in a connected word grid says “BANANAS”.

Bananagrams - Players call out BANANA

The other players then inspect the word grid for any misspelled words, proper nouns or abbreviations, or any other unallowed words, then players call out ROTTEN BANANA.

Bananagrams - Players call out ROTTEN BANANA

If such errors are found, the player does not win and his tiles are turned face down and returned to the bunch. Players then continue the game until there is a legitimate winner.

Acceptable words for playing Bananagrams

The basic rules for words allowed in playing Bananagrams are simple. However, having a good dictionary is a good way to increase your vocabulary and your chances of winning. This is because you get the right and valid words to use.

Rules regarding words in Bananagrams

  • No proper nouns are allowed. Example Samuel or Mandy
  • No misspelled words
  • No abbreviations

To increase your vocabulary, we recommend you get a dictionary for yourself.

Merrian Webster - Dictionary

Benefits of playing Bananagrams board games

  • It helps you to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Word board games like Bananagrams provide you with the opportunity to improve your language skill.
  • It increases overall mental wellbeing and fitness.

Video Tutorial on how to play Bananagrams game


Using this helpful guide, you will be playing Bananagrams with ease in no time. If this hobby of board games is fun for you, check our other board games here.

If you don’t own the game yet, buy it here on Amazon.

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