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This is a detailed list of the fresh event ideas for management fests.


  • What are some event ideas for a management college fest?
  • What is the most unusual and odd event organized in any management fest?
  • What are some really innovative Management-Fest events?

These are some common questions that need to be answered to make your management fest a unique one.

Today I was thinking about topics to write blog posts, I did a bit keywords research & found that many people are searching for the innovative event ideas for their management fests, so I decided to write a blog post on this topic.

Last year, We partnered with some popular management fests in Mumbai. They had some great events. The best thing about those events was that, the events weren’t just for the fun, they were actually related to the management skills & were giving participants the exposure to the real world work experience.


We all love selfies, right?

What would be better than an event based on the selfies?

The basic theme of the event is to imagine as if you are a BRAND AMBASSADOR, and you have to endorse the brand.

Participants need to post a selfie with the product which is allotted to them and have to come up with a new tagline for the product, the more the hype created higher are your chances for qualifying for the next round. The event will be judged on the creativity and how much buzz your product has created.

Ad-Selfie will make you learn the basic tricks of Social Media Marketing and will enhance your creative skills on how to create an advertisement.

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App Challenge gives you the chance of using your personal idea to make an APP without any coding.

Based on the themes, the participating teams are supposed to submit their presentation for the app, which should include wireframes and screen mock-ups.

The event will be judged on the creativity, problem-solving thinking, and user-friendly designing.


I-Expo provides you a platform to gain hands on experience through live projects. Empowering sustainability in the long run in the community rather than being a charity.

The participating team will be given some funds & then based on the themes, the teams have to build a small live project to solve a problem with a sustainable way.

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Rural India has a huge potential which is untapped, and if we want to make India a super power we need to integrate rural India with technology. So this event – It is an initiative to provide students an opportunity to apply their marketing concepts into earnings.

The participating teams would select a bouquet of products from a list provided by the event organizers which are coming from rural areas for which they need to prepare a marketing plan, including the branding and sales promotion strategies.


Corporate Roadies is a collection of management games to test your business acumen, skills, and knowledge.

The game is designed to throw the worst at you to bring out the best in you. The participants need to show their caliber, the power of persuasion and the ability to handle pressure. Preparing the participants yourself to withstand the harsh reality of the corporate world.


The event prepares the participants for the recruitment process.

The participants get grilled with questions and different selection rounds procedure that they would normally undergo in a recruitment process. It’s a great experience before the actual process.


Karyaneeti is an opportunity to enter the exciting, unpredictable and happening world of operations. Play, experience & understand the importance of time & effective management through a simulated environment. However, you need not be an operations wizard to participate in this event. All you need to do is put your thinking cap on.

The participants will be put in the shoes of a Logistics Manager, and asked to take over the operations of an existing supply chain. The participants have to optimize their production according to demand. In subsequent rounds, A company and industry profile will be given along with the working capital. The participants will have to manage their cash, production, and inventory, keeping in mind the various constraints that will be provided. They have to plan the production based on the constraints imposed.

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Market- Kshetra is an event for all the visionaries, where they can come and not only demonstrate their marketing abilities but also hone them to respond to various dynamic situations provided.

The objective of this event is to augment the skill of selling and negotiation and to boost up the level of innovation and creativity in an individual.

9. E-BIZ

The event focuses to provide an overview of E-Business.

The participants will have to create their own free website on the product or service which they desire.

In the subsequent rounds, The Participants will have to make Business Plan on their product or service.

10. AD- MAD

Advertisement is the main component in promoting products and services. In this competition, a non-advertised product is given to all the participants. They can create a video clip or Ad print poster to promote their products or services.

In the next round, selected participants would be asked to recreate a failed advertisement.

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To enhance the knowledge of students based on entrepreneurship, this event is conducted where the participants will be given a case study based on entrepreneurship. They have to come up with the appropriate solution for the same. And also what they have learned from the case, with the unique point which is related to entrepreneurship.

The objective of conducting this event is to see how students can think in the different way towards a particular situation.


In Brand race, the participants have to create a brand from the scratch. They will need to create a branding plan & present it to the judges. In the subsequent rounds, the teams have to re-brand an existing brand & give the presentation explaining detailed strategies & plans to do this

If it’s a brand manager you dreamt about then brand race will make you reach there.

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Devil follows is an innovative management game which would give students a lesson how to work in a team & create team building attitude amongst them. In this event, a group of 4 students would have to do a task. Out of four members, three members would be blind-folded and the last member cannot speak.

In a time frame of 5 minutes, the students have to collect all the material. Then they have to make the product.


Anubhav is an event where the successful entrepreneurs will talk about their experience in the business. The event enhances sustainability skill, building patience, improving decision-making skill and to make understand the experience.

15. 50 KA FUNDA

50 ka Funda is a Stanford University developed exercise to introduce entrepreneurship skills among students. This exercise ensures that the young generation has the skills required to capitalize on today’s opportunities. The game has been adapted for students with simulated currency. The teams get Rs 50 as an initial investment. The teams are expected to start a virtual company and come up with a product or service with the initial investment that they can sell and make a profit on.

So that was my list of management fest event ideas which will help your management fest to create a unique & useful experience for your event visitors & participants. If you know more, pour them down the comments section!

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