Granny’s House – Multiplayer horror escapes the most potent weapons

Granny’s House is – Multiplayer Horror Escapes is an arcade game developed by Update games, and it is a thrilling game. It has a storyline of a psychopath granny and some of the little kids kidnapped by her.

There is a granny who is very psychopath and evil that tries to kidnap children at night. She seizes them and jails them in a prison of an abandoned house. She is such a cruel and evil for child, and it is a more scary place to visit.

Grannys House - Multiplayer horror escapes the most potent weapons

One day a little girl called Dorothy is kidnapped by the Granny. Dorothy is so brave, and she s trying to escape from the evil Granny’s House with the other children with her.

The main plot of the game is not to get caught and escape from the House. So you have to play the hide and seek game. You have to help Dorothy flee from the place of Granny, and you have to help her escape from it without getting caught.

This game is in an escape survival mode for asymmetric, and there you will see two grannies and six children trying to hide and escape from Granny. So basically, those characters are divided into two as follows.


Granny has to go through the House and catch all the kids. She has to put them in jail and make sure to avoid them from escaping her home.


Survivors are the children who are kidnapped by Granny. They are trapped in jail and have to find a way to escape from the Abandoned House. To escape from here, you have to collect three parts, and you are responsible for rescuing the other children. You all should have to run the House together.

What are the most powerful weapons in Granny’s House?

This game has six different roles in it. They are used as weapons in the game and are known as Bomber, Thrower, trapper, Puppeteer, beater, and Healer. Among these six roles except healer, we consider other all roles as weapons. So let’s compare the strengths of those weapons separately.


The beater is setting up the scarecrows so it can gain the attention of GrannyGranny. When you try to escape from a place, it may take at least ten beatings to escape from that place. So it is somewhat prominent trying.


Thrower means it throws stones and hit the evil grannie to do massive damage to her. When using it as a weapon, compared to the beater, it may take fewer attempts.


Trapper is somewhat powerful than the weapons mentioned above. It may take fewer attempts to give damage by using these trappers. Trapper uses the strategy of setting up traps to decrease the speed of the GrannyGranny.

Grannys House - Multiplayer horror escapes the most potent weapons


Puppeteer is usually forming a toxic area for enemies. So it deals with the damage. Compared to other weapons, the puppeteer is doing a great job as a weapon. It takes fewer attempts to deal with opponents to cause massive damage to them.

Three shots may be good enough for you to form more significant damage than you think in puppeteer.


The Bomber is the winner of the weapon. It set up bombs, and it can attack multiple grannies in one single time. One or two attempts may enough for you to do considerable damage for the opponent. So the most potent weapon in here can be named as Bomber.

How to play and invite friends at Granny’s House

You can play this Granny’s House – Multiplayer horror escapes by three different modes. All you have to do is not to get caught. Those modes can be named as follows.

Escape mode

There are two grannies and six children in the game. It is a PvP team match, and as a hider, you have to collect three hints hidden around the HouseHouse to escape. Dorothy’s role has to help the other children escape the prison in place, and they all have to run the HouseHouse together. You can win if one of them escaped from the HouseHouse.

You have to use weapons and throws stones to slow the speed of the GrannyGranny. On the other hand, granny has to catch all the children by searching all around the HouseHouse, and she must put them in prison and prevent them from escaping. If GrannyGranny can put all the kids in the jail and prevent them from escaping, she wins.

Infection mode

It is an individual PvP match, and there are no teammates in here. You have only yourself. The game is deciding whether you are GrannyGranny or Dorothy. The basic rule for here is to catch or escape. If GrannyGranny able to capture Dorothy, the characters are switching. And that’s how the game on.

Story mode

You have to take one role among Bomber, thrower, trapper, puppeteer, healer, and beater. And after that, you have to beat the GrannyGranny with your other teammates. You have to clear every stage of the game with a corporation and win the game.

In this game, you are capable of inviting friends to a private room. But how? Let’s discuss this.

First, you have to create the game. Then you will see an option that makes you select a method as per your choice among Craft mode, Story mode, ignite, etc. make sure to choose the room mode here. There you have to set a password to avoid the infiltrators.

Just wait for some time to start the game. Then in the menu bar there, you will see three bars. Find the Friends option and select it. You have options there to make new friends, remove friends, send a message, and add friends.

Click on the add friend and invite to do so. Once they accept your request, you can have the permission to ask them when you need to add a friend, type the name of the friend in the search bar in that menu.

Then you will see the one you want and press the icon where you see an image of a person. So you can add the friend. Always remember to throw stones and rocks at the Granny as it slows down the speed of her. Communicate with your other team members.

Grannys House - Multiplayer horror escapes the most potent weapons


Granny’s house multiplayer horror escape is a great game that has mind-blowing horror adventures throughout the game. Every little thing on the abandoned House can make you scared. There are many creepy sounds, and despite all of that, psycho granny is the worst.

You can make your kind of characters in the Granny’s house multiplayer horror escapes, and you can customize them as per your choice. This game is thoroughly adventurous, and it can connect with your friends to earn more rewards and ranks with a stunning strategy of winning.

You can always have the capability for experience points than your members and beat up your friends’ records. You don’t have to play alone.

Hide and seek can be done in team-wise. If you seek creepy, scary feelings and experience, our recommendation is to go to Granny’s House – Multiplayer Horror Escapes.

Beat up the Granny and escapee the House in a fast way by experience the creepiest game ever. Play the role seeker or the Hider. Take part in the Crazy maniacs ever.

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