Family Games with Spinmaster – Family Games Review

With us all being stuck at home during the second lockdown we have been trying to entertain ourselves at home. Netflix is great and so is baking but playing games together is so much more fun.

When we were asked if we would like to review some family games with Spinmaster – I off course jumped at the chance. We received three games. Grouch Couch, Hedbanz and Beat the parents. All suitable to play as a family or from groups of 2+ people.

Grouch Couch – Have you ever seen a grumpier looking couch in the whole of your life? My children were instantly drawn to this out of the three and it is a new game from Spinmaster. It really looked like a game that would give us the giggles and it did not disappoint. The game is described as “Furniture with Attitude” and is suitable for 2-4 players aged 5 and over.

Whats in the box?

  • 1 x Grouch Couch
  • 1 x Instructions Sheet
  • 1 x Dice
  • 16 x Treats
  • 15 x Lost Goodies

You will need 3 AAA batteries to put into the grouch couch to make it work!

To play the game you open up the cushion in the middle of grouch couch and load the 15 lost goodies into it. They look almost like coins or tokens but have objects printed onto them. Switch the grouch couch on with the switch that is located underneath and you are ready t play. Starting with the youngest player, roll the dice and place that number of treats on to the grouch couch.

You then need to press the tv remote on the side of him and he will start to move around and come alive! He might even open his mouth to eat some of the treats left on the cushions. If he enjoys what he’s been fed he will make satisfied burping noises and throw out one or more of the lost goodies!

Take it in turns in a clockwise direction and the player with the most lost goodies in the end is the winner! We had so many giggles playing this game and my girls keep asking to play again.

Then next game we received was Beat the Parents!

As the name suggests it is a parents vs children game and you go head to head with each other in opposing teams. It definitely created competition in our house and I’m so looking forward to lockdown being over so that we can play this with my god children. I just know they will love it! The grown ups have to answer children’s trivia questions and vice versa which was actually quite hilarious. My littlest one was a bit annoyed she didn’t understand the game but she is only 3. And the 5 year old thoroughly enjoyed this one. The first team to get to the other side of the board are the winners of the game.

The final game we received is Hedbanz and I was actually most excited about this one as I had seen it advertised before and thought it looked really fun!

This is a basically a guess what I am game. The players each have a headband around their heads and place a card in the middle. You can’t see your own card when you are playing the game so some of the guesses have had us absolutely cracking up! You never know what you are until you start asking and although it was a little confusing at first for my little ones we still got into the swing of it and were in hysterics at some of the guesses! It’s also a great way for children to learn how to describe things as this is how the game works! These games would make wonderful Christmas or birthday presents and I love that the adults can really get involved in these family games and it’s as much of a laugh for us as it is the children. Thank you again to Spinmaster for sending these out to us.

Laura x

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