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00:48what I’m gonna do is English and go to

00:51download / HTTP and when I downloaded it

00:55it’ll bring up a zip so I’m just gonna

00:57bring the zip out here and then when I’m

01:02right here go over here extract here and

01:06it’ll bring up hxg setup so run that

01:09press yes and asks what language just

01:14crisp whatever language you want I’m

01:16going to seamless be doing English press

01:19next obviously you need to accept it

01:22just find a place for you want it to be

01:24installed so I’ll just do there create

01:26an additional thing if you really want

01:29to go ahead you already have to

01:31and then install automatically close the

01:35applications and then done so now we’re

01:42right here and wait your heart line you

01:47gotta do here is just press notepad

01:48probably the easiest so unless you are

01:54right here you need to get into the

01:56actual pack per fortnight pack shot pack

01:59file it’s not bad

02:00so go to open and go to whatever Drive

02:05you have four nights doll on for me it’s

02:07the D Drive go to fortnight for night

02:10game content packs and then you here so

02:1699% of the time we’re gonna be using

02:19this pack right here packed chunk 0 –

02:23windows client backpack if you want to

02:25change out skins that’s the one you’re

02:27gonna be using but if you see another

02:28tutorial using this and it uses a

02:30different pack then you know you can

02:33still use up you still use it so we ran

02:35a double click it and we’re gonna be

02:37brought up with this very overwhelming

02:39at first but trust me it is very very

02:41simple so the only part that we’re gonna

02:44be using here is the actual skins so I

02:49have this website that shows you all

02:52these skin IDs aka see IDs so here we


02:56so these are all these skin IDs that

02:59there are in the game and you know the

03:02skin that I feel like I will swap out

03:04for now is this one right here CID

03:07underscore o5 underscore that you know

03:09I’m just come into and score and

03:10underscore default it’s gonna copy that

03:12and open up notepad

03:19and I’m just gonna paste in there

03:22and it is 33 characters now what I need

03:25to do is find a skin that has the exact

03:30same characters as this so 33 so the

03:34easiest way I find to do that is to

03:35press ctrl F and then 33 and just go

03:43find a skin that also has 33 characters

03:45in length that I own so here is one you

03:57visitor so I’m gonna swap out the

04:00visitor to get the og default skin now

04:04you guys might want to know what what do

04:07i do from here what you do is very very

04:11simple you find the one that has the

04:15lowest number right here and you want to

04:18copy it and go back to your a text

04:23editor window and then paste it in here

04:26make sure it’s on all press okay

04:34so when I find that you should be able

04:37to see what they call it so I mean it’s

04:40a default skin so you’re not gonna

04:41really really know the name but here’s

04:44the CID now what you want to do here is

04:51go down here copy the other skin ID and

04:56paste it and make sure it is the exact

04:58same length nothing has changed and once

05:01you make sure nothing has change from

05:03the original way I’m gonna go up to here

05:05and paste that exact same CID or

05:08whatever ID you’re doing today and make

05:13sure it’s not right if it’s Fred just do

05:15it again make sure you have it one

05:18before would actually not bad and now as

05:21you can see it is a different spot and

05:22the text is not red if it’s right it

05:25means you’ve replaced it so you want to

05:27go over here grab the old ID and then

05:31paste a back into there and see nothing

05:33nothing was spaced differently ever

05:35changed so that means we’re good and

05:38just want to go press this button right

05:40here with me which saves it all and you

05:43can cancel that if you want doesn’t

05:44really matter and as you can see it’s

05:51saved now to make sure you guys a

05:54hundred percent got this I’m gonna do

05:57one more and I’m gonna do an emote this

05:59time so I can very easily just do this a

06:04different way that I’ll do it the long

06:05way to make sure you guys understand it

06:07so go over to emotes and I’m gonna do

06:12ctrl F and find the email that I want

06:14which is scenario so there it is and

06:21then we can clear this and paste it

06:23right there it is 15 characters just so

06:25I keep the mental note now we’re gonna

06:27look for 15 characters here and find an

06:31email that we already have

06:45so here we go jump Jess I know for a

06:48fact I have this one so I will paste it

06:51into my notepad right below it oh my bad

06:55I did it wrong because I’m very smart

06:59and there we go it should be about the

07:03same so now we can close the tab and go

07:07back over here and find an easy way to

07:11find the thing you’re looking for is

07:13just to put quotation marks and then the

07:14name of the cosmetic I should work for

07:17almost all cosmetics so as you can see a

07:23fun scenario the ID kpop dance hundred

07:26oh three so we’re gonna paste the only

07:29one we want to replace it with and we’re

07:32gonna paste the ID of the cosmetic we

07:36already own to the ID that we want to

07:39replace it with and nothing changed so

07:42we’re good I want to go over here go

07:46find rooster mech and okay it’s red so

07:51we need to do forward and alright I’m

07:58gonna paste the one I want to replace

08:00twist BAM nothing changed go up here

08:04save cancel yes and we’re set now you

08:10don’t have to say this if you don’t want

08:11to now let’s open up the Epic Games

08:13launcher and see if it worked

08:16so we voted in let’s go to our locker

08:19and see if we’ve got the skins and here

08:25we have it we have the og default skin

08:27just like we wanted and what she gave me

08:31a scenario here is I have the og a

08:39default skin on with scenario now just

08:43so you know that it did actually replace


08:52it is not here at all

08:58and these can replaced it with visitor

09:02is also not here we only have iris thank

09:11you guys for watching if you did enjoy

09:12be sure to leave a like and subscribe

09:13you just hit 500 subscribers so thank

09:16you all day who have subscribed and only

09:180.5% of my viewers are subscribed so hey

09:21maybe we can hit a thousand really close

09:23and get that nice support of creator

09:26code in the mean time each code fresh

09:28and yeah if you have any questions be

09:31sure to leave it out a comment I respond

09:34to you as quickly and as accurately as I

09:36can and comment down with what tutorials

09:39should I keep doing and what do you guys

09:42want to see and I might be posting some

09:44competitive content soon because I like

09:47doing that playing competitive so you

09:50never know what I posted anyways until

09:52next time see you then

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