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A guide for the Luxord data boss battle in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND so you can defeat the Limit Cut enemy of Organization XIII.

The Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND DLC is available to own and play. You may wish to wait for it to go on sale as at its current price many seem to think that it’s a “shameless cash-grab“. However, if you just couldn’t help yourself and are currently tearing your hair out over the supremely difficult Limit Cut boss fights, this article will help you to defeat the easiest of the lot: the Luxord data boss battle.

Yozora from the in-game fictional video game of Verum Rex is the biggest talking point in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND as he’s an obvious – and perhaps bitter – ode to Noctis when Final Fantasy XV was in-development as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Considering how disappointing the series’ 15th instalment turned out to be, all reminders of the scrapped Versus XIII continue to become more painful as its potential was on par with Silent Hills for its horror franchise.

However, away from the painful reminders of what Final Fantasy XV could of been instead, the other highlight of ReMIND is the extremely difficult Limit Cut data boss battles. These are harder than anything in the base game so any help you require is understandable. But, as a word of advice, we’d recommend fighting Luxord first as he is the easiest to contend with.

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How to defeat the Luxord data boss battle in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND

Defeating Luxord is an easier task than overcoming any of the other data boss battles from the Limit Cut episode in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND.

With that being said, the nefarious gambler is still a challenge so don’t be expecting a friendly game of cards.

The biggest difference to the other data boss battles is the time gauge which replaces the standard health bars. Ultimately, you will lose time if you’re hit by Luxord who will gain time back, and it’s vice versa when you are the one landing blows with your trusty keyblade.

Instead of being gung-ho, you’ll want to take a measured and defensive approach in order to win the tussle as easily as possible.

When the data boss battle starts, giants cards will circle around you and hone in. Simply guard at the correct moment and do the same when Luxord throws individual cards at you. Always avoid the temptation of pressing X straight afterwards to land a quick attack – keep ignoring the on-screen prompt to counter.

Once you’ve defended against a flurry of sharp-edged cards that can deliver a devastating paper cut, Luxord will then take the form of a mini-game. This results in you needing to hit the correct card in order to get Luxord out of hiding.

All you need to do is look at the back of the cards and hit the one with the correct symbol on it (the one that differs to all the rest – you’ll see a tip at the top of your screen for which one to strike). After you’ve struck the correct card, you will then be able to hack-and-slash at your might to land a flurry of whacks.

When Luxord has a stack of cards on either side of you that turn red, you will need to roll out the way as these can’t be guarded against.

While all of the above is fairly easy and straightforward, the data boss battle unfortunately becomes more annoying when Luxord’s health becomes low. This will trigger a minor cut-scene in which he announces that the real game is set to begin.

Dozens of cards will surround you and you must keep approaching and trying to hit the one with Luxord. After the cards all disappear, you’ll want to run into the centre and roll out of the way of the eruption of cards from beneath.

When you get past this stage the game will tell you that the above process only needs to be done three more times in a row. Completing this requirement will make Luxord vulnerable to what should be your final flurry of attacks.

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And that’s all you need to know about how to defeat the data boss battle of Luxord in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMIND. We recommend that you have a level of 80 or higher before attempting.

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