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As well as enjoying ‘top bantz’ with friends in Facebook Messenger, the iOS/Android messaging app also allows you to play a selection of games, right there in your chat window. New games for 2017 include Words With Friends and 8Ball Pool, joining the likes of Galaga, Space Invaders and other classic titles. Here’s how to play games against your mates in Messenger.

Facebook Messenger now offers a massive catalogue of games that you can play online with your friends, rather than all that boring talk stuff. Jumping into a game is quick and easy and they’re free to play too. However, gaming on Messenger does suck up more data than swapping words, so you might want to connect to a WiFi network if you’re planning on playing some of the more demanding titles.

Here’s how to play games with friends in Facebook Messenger and a look at the new titles for 2017.

How do I play games in Facebook Messenger?

If you never looked around in the app’s menus, you probably never even realised this feature existed. A huge selection of games is within easy reach however, and here’s how to get started.

First, pick the lucky player you wish to compete against and open a chat window. Now, the next step varies depending on which version of Messenger you’re running.

If you can see an ‘i’ information icon in the top right corner of the window, give that a tap. This will bring up the Details menu, where you can change the settings for chats with that person. That includes disabling notifications, changing the colour of your message bubbles and so on. One of these options is ‘Games’. Give that a tap and you’re straight into the Messenger games menu, where you can choose a title to start playing.

Alternatively, you may see a plus sign at the bottom left corner of the screen. Give this a poke and a menu will pop up, giving you access to a bunch of extensions and other features. One of the very first options is ‘Games’. Tap that and you’re into the main games menu.

What games can I play with friends in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook currently offers dozens of games to chat fiends after a bit of competitive play. You have access to loads of classic titles which can be played in multiplayer or in challenge mode, including Snake, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga and so on. You can also get stuck into more modern titles like Zookeeper and Tomb Runner, challenging your friends to beat your scores or take you on head-to-head.

What new Facebook Messenger games are being added in 2017?

A few new games have already been added to Messenger’s line-up in 2017. These include:

Words With Friends – This Scrabble-style game has you placing tiles on a board in order to form words. Already a hugely popular app for iOS and Android, you can now play with your best buds through Messenger.

EverWing – An auto-scrolling action game that’s perfect for quick and dirty stress burning. You play as an angel fairy thing who has to blast her way through waves of weird looking beasties. Just swipe left and right while dodging foes and collecting awesome power-ups.

Some more games are coming later in 2017. So far we know of the following additions.

8Ball Pool – This pool sim allows you to pull off some nifty trick shots, taking down your opponent in style. Expect to see 8Ball Pool on Facebook Messenger by summer 2017.

I can’t see all of the available games in Messenger

Note that not every game will be immediately available to you. You need to play some of the available titles in order to unlock more games.

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