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So, you have created a Discord server and started building a community. How do you increase server participation and community interaction? Likewise, what’s the best way to build a fun Discord server or a Discord gaming server? One way to do this is to add fun Discord bots and game bots to your server. With bots, you can play Discord games in-server, challenge other members, and rack up prizes! A game bot is a great way to keep users active on your server, especially if you’re running a gaming Discord server, and ensure that they’re having fun while interacting with fellow members.

However, as there are hundreds of fun game bots available for Discord, it can be difficult to determine which to add! If you would like to learn more about the top Discord bots, then read on. Without further ado, here is our list of the top 10 Discord game bots that you can use to start playing Discord games with friends.

Play Discord Games with These Game Bots

1. IdleRPG

IdleRPG is a text-based roleplaying Discord game that you can play on your server. You can create your own character including their race and class. Then, you can go on quests and battle monsters, buy and trade fantastical items, join guilds, interact with gods, and even get married to other players. Play through your character’s journey while interacting with and creating stories with other players. IdleRPG is sure to add hundreds of hours of roleplaying fun to your server.

2. PokeMeow

PokeMeow is the most popular Pokemon bot on Discord. With this Pokemon bot, you can catch Pokemon in your server, trade and battle with other members, and complete quests for in-game currency and items. The Pokemon bot also lets you compete with other users on the global scoreboard as you fill up your Pokedex! PokeMeow is the perfect Pokemon Discord bot for lovers of the Pokemon franchise.

3. Rock Puppy

Rock Puppy is a simple but fun Discord bot that includes several classic games. With Rock Puppy, you can play Discord games like ConnectFour, Truth or Dare, Trivia, Tic-Tac-Toe, Russian Roulette, and Would You Rather. You can also use a magic 8-ball, roll dice, or get tarot readings. Use Rock Puppy to play classic board and party games on your server and get to know your members better!

4. TriviaBot

TriviaBot is the top trivia bot for Discord. It includes over 90,000 questions, and you can even submit your own questions to have them appear in the bot. Members can create and join teams to hold tournaments against each other. You can also set up a public leaderboard to show off who in the server is doing the best. TriviaBot also sets its own monthly Discord-wide leaderboard, and the winner each month receives a month of Discord Nitro Classic.

5. GarticBOT

GarticBot lets you play the drawing game Gartic on Discord. In the Discord game, GarticBot starts out by drawing a picture on your server. Then, members compete against one another to see who can guess what the image is the fastest. You can also send in your own drawings for others to guess. Simply enter the g.draw command, and Gartic will send you a link where you can submit your drawing. GarticBot provides a fun Pictionary-like game that everyone on your server can enjoy.

6. GamesROB

GamesROB is the best Uno Discord bot. It also adds several other classic party games to Discord, such as ConnectFour, Battleship, Hangman, 2048, Tic-Tac-Toe, Minesweeper, and Trivia. You can also play “Detective”, a Discord game in which you try to guess who on your server is the “assassin”, memory games, and Town, Country, River, a game where you come up with as many words as possible within a theme. Finally, GamesROB includes fun seasonal events such as trick-or-treating, that help you celebrate holidays on your server!

7. Chess

Chess is pretty straightforward-it lets you play chess on Discord. You can challenge other members of your server to a chess game and play directly on the server. Simply tell the bot which pieces to move and where. The Discord game bot generates a new image of the board after each move so you can see the board to plot your next move. And since the game all takes place on your server, other members can watch along and discuss the game! Chess lets you bring the whole community together over a classic board game.

8. Mudae

Mudae is a character-collecting game for Discord. Claim popular anime and videogame characters as your “waifus” or “husbandos”, build your harem, and compete against other members to claim your favorite characters. You can also trade characters with other members. Mudae is a fun Discord bot for gamers and geeks and is sure to spark conversation about your members’ favorite games and shows!

9. Dragon Bot Z

Dragon Bot Z is the bot that adds the multiplayer text-based RPG Discord Ball Z to your server. In Discord Ball Z, players summon characters from the popular Dragon Ball Z franchise, train these characters, fight enemies, purchase items, and trade with other players. This Discord game is perfect for Dragon Ball fans or anyone else who enjoys text-based RPGs.

10. Karuta

Like Mudae, Karuta is an anime character collection game for Discord. However, in Karuta, you collect characters in the form of trading cards. You can customize, upgrade, and trade your cards and other items with other players. Better yet, you keep your same cards across servers, so you can play with the same Karuta deck on any server that the game bot is added to! Relive the joys of card collecting and trading and make new friends in the process!

Add More Fun Discord Bots to Your Server

Of course, game bots aren’t the only fun Discord bots out there. You can make your Discord server more interactive with a variety of fun bots for Discord! First, check out our list of the 10 Best Discord Bots. Then, if you also want to add music to your Discord server, check out our list of the best music bots for Discord.

For more good Discored bots that keep your server safe or productive, read our lists on the top Discord moderation bots and best Discord bots for businesses. Finally, if you want to learn how to add a bot to Discord or make your own Discord bots, you can find this information in our article How to Use Discord Bots.

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