The 4 Hottest Ways to Play Spin the Bottle: The Kissing Game

The Kissing Game

Spin the Bottle has been the ultimate kissing game for decades. Whether you play it as a ploy to finally kiss that crush you’ve been swooning over, or as a fun game to break the ice during parties or sleepovers… Spin the Bottle is always a fail-safe hit!

So gather your friends (and crush) and convince them to play a highly entertaining and seductive game of Spin the Bottle!

4 Hottest ways to play Spin the Bottle

Sure, you can play the good old version of Spin the Bottle. Always fun, always engaging, and always exciting. But you can also mix things up a bit. There are loads of great games out there, why not jumble them up a little and wind up with the best of both worlds?

To do so, we have created a daring list with different ways to play Spin the Bottle. Play the original game, mix it up with spicy Truth or Dare-dares or do a 7 Minutes in Heaven-challenge. It’s time for some action!

Jump straight to the four different ways to play Spin the Bottle:

  1. The original kissing game
  2. Spin the Bottle: Truth or Dare
  3. Spin the Bottle: 7 Minutes in Heaven
  4. Spin the Bottle: Online

How to play Spin the Bottle?

The game is pretty simple. It is played by several players, preferably six or more, who sit in a circle. An empty bottle is placed on the floor or on a table in the middle of the circle. Someone is chosen to go first. This player spins the bottle until it completes at least one rotation. Has the bottle stopped spinning? Then the player must kiss whoever the bottle points to. The person who is kissed then becomes the next spinner. And so the game continues.

No rocket science there, right? Sit in a circle, spin a bottle and let the kissing fun unfold all around you!

How to kiss?

There are loads of ways to kiss in Spin the Bottle. You can give a simple kiss on the cheek or go for a juicy smack on the lips. It all depends on what you and your kissing mate are comfortable with. If you are really uncomfortable with kissing someone, then a friendly hug or a kiss on the forehead is also acceptable.

Here are a few kissing examples you can try:

  1. Give a kiss on the cheek. Easy, right?
  2. Give a kiss on the lips. Do it swiftly or make it a more prolonged, passionate kiss.
  3. Give a sensual kiss on the ear—bonus points when you dare a soft bite.
  4. French kiss! 🔥
  5. And many other variations are possible. Use your imagination!

Do you want to raise the stakes a bit? Consider changing the set of rules and determine ‘levels of kissing’. The first level is a kiss on the cheek. When you ‘pick’ this person again, you have to give them a kiss on the lips. Third base is a French kiss, tongues and all.

This variation can suddenly make the game a whole lot more exciting. What if you desperately want to get to third kissing base with your crush but get stuck with a lousy peck on the cheek? While your bottle points to that not so desirable fella or chick for three frigging times? Frustration and fun times ahead!

Spin the Bottle: Truth or Dare

Can’t decide between these two classic party games? Don’t worry, this combination of Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare is a brilliant one. The bottle is spun in the middle of the circle. Whoever it points to must choose between a question or a task. When the player has decided, then the bottle is spun again to figure out who of the others has to come up with a question or a dare for him or her.

Spin the Bottle Questions:

  • Who in this circle would you really want to kiss, and why?
  • What was the worst kiss you’ve ever had?
  • Do you think you’re a good kisser, and why?
  • Would you rather be smart or happy, and why?
  • Who’s your celebrity crush?
  • What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever done to anyone?
  • Who’s the best kisser in the room?

Spin the Bottle Dares:

  • Kiss the person in the circle you really want to kiss.
  • Draw something funny on the person to your left.
  • French kiss your own toes.
  • Act like an old lady or an old man for the rest of the game.
  • Post a kissing picture on your Instagram.
  • Close your eyes and eat whatever the group puts in your mouth (as long as it’s edible and safe, of course).
  • Kiss your right neighbor on the cheek.

Looking for more questions and dares? Check: Truth or Dare Questions for Adults (18+)

Spin the Bottle: 7 Minutes in Heaven

7 minutes in Heaven is an extremely popular way to play Spin the Bottle. This is especially so at parties, where you can seize the opportunity to spend some time alone with your ultimate crush.

The rules are rather straightforward. The person who spun the bottle and the person who was selected have to spend seven minutes alone in a dark, private room. Like a closet or something. They can do whatever they want in there: talking privately and getting to know each other or engage in more intimate activities, such as kissing and making out.

When there is no chemistry whatsoever, they can also decide to do nothing and bide their time. In that case, seven minutes have probably never felt so long.

Looking for more daring challenges? Check: Truth or Dare for Teens (18+)

Spin the Bottle Online

Spin the Bottle was one of the most popular party games of the ’90s. During that era, an actual bottle was an essential item if you wanted to play the game. Now? Not so much.

While it is always good fun to go old school, you could just as quickly go for the online version with this fantastic app. It is filled to the brim with lots of funny questions, daring tasks and exciting variations, if you want to spice up the original game a bit!

Download the app

Play online

Agree on rules

Ready to spin and kiss? Hold your horses, because there could be some ground rules your group wants to decide upon.

Will the players have to kiss in front of everyone? Can a reluctant player refuse to kiss someone? And what happens when a player refuses to kiss? Perhaps giving a hug instead? Or answering a question or performing a task?

Whatever you decide, always remember that the game should be fun for everyone involved. Don’t ever let anyone feel pressured into doing stuff that makes them uncomfortable.

Let the smooching fun begin!

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