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On Dec. 20, 2021, the PUBG Mobile React Survival round launched after its shock announcement just a few days prior. This new mode — built off the back of the deadly incarnation of the “Red Light, Green Light” challenge from Netflix’s Squid Game — gives players a simple rule to follow: Reach the other end of the arena without the scary animatronic seeing you move. Unlike Squid Game, though, there’s no real element of human error in place here. If you can follow a simple tune and not get greedy, you can take home the prize every single time. Whatever that is.

How To Play PUBG Mobile React Survival

The PUBG Mobile React Survival Mode is the game’s latest addition to the Arcade game modes. If you don’t know how to get there after the many main menu upgrades the game has had recently, just follow these steps:

  • Launch PUBG Mobile
  • Tap the ‘Select Mode’ button in the left area of the screen
  • Select ‘Arcade’ from the list to the left
  • Tap the download icon by the grayed-out mode (you may need to scroll)
  • Tap the newly downloaded React Survival banner to select it
  • Press the ‘OK’ button in the bottom-right corner to initiate the queue

With that, you should be queued for the PUBG Mobile React Survival mode. You can’t form a squad for it, nor play in first-person mode, so you won’t need to toggle any of the usual settings at the bottom before hopping into the queue. From there it’s just a case of moving toward the animatronic bunny while it faces away from you. Oh, and keep your digits off the screen when it turns around. And all you need to do is listen to its tune to succeed.

The end of the PUBG Mobile React Survival map.

How to Win PUBG Mobile React Survival Mode

Now here’s the easy bit—actually winning the PUBG Mobile React Survival match. It isn’t clear why, but this mode takes place across three rounds. If you die in one, you’ll come back in the next. And rather than be a best two out of three deal, you’re just trying to complete the challenge as fast as possible across all three, with your final cumulative time tallied up at the end. Even by dying in my first round, I managed to scrap second place, with the guy in front beating me by one-tenth of a second.

So, what’s the secret to success here? Timing. To beat the bunny every single time, you just need to know when the song it sings stops. No matter how fast or slow it runs through its little soundbite, it’ll always end on the exact same part of it. Know this and you’ll know exactly when to let go of the sprint button. And it won’t even be close. There’s a good second delay between the song stopping and the bunny turning to spot any who may still be moving. So as long as don’t get greedy and try to push for every single extra second you can squeeze in, you’ll make it to the finish line just fine.

There’s every chance you might need that extra second to cross the line faster and climb higher up the scoreboard, but it’s unlikely. Following this little rule would have seen me sit at the top far ahead of the next best had I not pushed for extra time in the first round. Listen, play smart, don’t get greedy, and you’ll win every PUBG Mobile React Survival match you run. As for why you’d bother, bragging rights seems to be the one real reward right now.

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